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WATCH: Joe Rogan Calls Out ‘Banana Republic’ Dems

If I knew nothing else about President Trump, the only piece of information I would need to determine that all the prosecutions against him are purely political was that insanely low valuation of Mar-A-Lago.

It is beyond laughable how political all of the cases and legal proceedings against the 45th President are and everyone now sees this except for the most poisonous, deranged leftists.

Joe Rogan, being one who doesn’t shy away from the truth, spelled this out in plain English during a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

The podcast host outright called the prosecutions against President Trump ‘banana republic’ tactics and said that Democrats don’t have a leg to stand on in 2024.

You can watch the segment below and see the state of our deteriorating country for yourself via the other reports:

General Mike Flynn, who knows all too well how far the banana republic stretches, had this to say:

“After listening to Shellenberger‘s testimony today, we are now officially a communist third-world banana republic with unrecoverable debt, a military that worries more about DEI than readiness and winning, a collapsed border, a demented person in charge of our nuclear codes, never mind being in charge of our economy, a severely corrupted justice system at the very top and now an even worse censorship state than previously imagined.

The weakness in the GOP will fix NONE of this. Don’t expect them to hold anyone accountable. Speaker Johnson
please prove me wrong.

If and only if we get Donald Trump with a strong team of advisors and leaders back in charge of the United States of America, can we fix this problem.

Otherwise, we are going to become the United Socialist States of America! This is the direction the “progressive” lunatics on the left are taking us.”

Real Clear Politics provided a transcript of the Joe Rogan segment and quoted the podcast host:

“It’s bananas. The valuation of the property is so obvious, so off what it should be. $18 million for Mar-a-Lago? I’d fucking buy it.

I’d fucking buy it immediately f that shit was $18 million, you’d be a fool not to scoop it up. You could get a loan and sell it right away for who knows how much.

I think Forbes valued it at well over $700 million… It’s a giant piece of property in one of the most valuable pieces of land in all of America

It does make sense if you want to look at banana republic tactics, when you’re imprisoning and trying to convict your political opponents.”

Jack Posobiec shared this troubling revelation: “Here is Judge Engoron’s law clerk Allison Greenfield attending a far-left Democrat event and campaigning for Letitia James. How is this not a conflict of interest?”

The Hill featured this related bit of news, how is this alright in a proper country?

Trump took aim at Judge Arthur Engoron’s wife, Dawn Engoron, in a series of posts Tuesday afternoon, purporting that an account on X — formerly Twitter — that made several anti-Trump posts belongs to her.

The posts by “Dawn Marie,” which were first unearthed by conservative activist Laura Loomer, say Trump is “headed to the big house,” referring to prison, and remark on his ongoing trial.


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