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Elon Musk Says He Found Q*

After it was revealed that the founder of OpenAI, Sam Altman, was ousted from his job as the CEO of OpenAI for being on the verge of creating AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) that has the capability of taking over humanity, Elon Musk has not been shy about what he thinks about the alleged discovery.

Musk first made his comments regarding OpenAI and Altman after Reuters reported several staff researchers for Open AI “wrote a letter to the board of directors warning of a powerful artificial intelligence discovery that they said could threaten humanity.”

Musk shared the article with the caption “Q*Anon.”

The CEO of Tesla and X made the comments due to Altman’s new AGI software project is named Q Star (Q*).

Take a look:


He later posted, that he found Q*.

See here:

Meaww got the scoop too:

OpenAI has pulled back the curtain on its Q* (pronounced Q-Star) project, a leap towards achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI).

This revelation comes against the backdrop of the sudden departure of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, amid reports of an internal letter warning of a potentially perilous AI discovery.

However, the Q* project’s unveiling has been overshadowed by the cryptic tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who expressed deep concern before invoking the term “Q*Anon.”

The Q* project stands as a linchpin in OpenAI’s ambitious pursuit of AGI, a system envisioned to surpass human intelligence by a wide margin.

The nomenclature, Q*, has piqued interest, particularly among conspiracy theorists, drawing parallels to the controversial QAnon conspiracy theory that gained notoriety over the past decade.

Musk’s tweet, “Q*Anon,” has triggered a flurry of speculations regarding its significance. Some observers posit that Musk might be hinting at an internal conspiracy within OpenAI related to Project Q.

Per Benzinga:

A day after calling it Q*Anon and expressing his concerns, Elon Musk said he has found Q* (pronounced “Q star”) and that Grok AI will do them both.

In typical Musk fashion, the owner of social media platform X (formerly Twitter) is trolling people who think OpenAI’s Q* is AGI, or artificial general intelligence.

While this left most of his followers befuddled, Musk later posted “Grok will do both,” suggesting that he is joking instead.

There are several theories floating around about the alleged OpenAI Q* – this comes days after the OpenAI–Sam Altman drama unfolded.

Some of these theories suggest that the Microsoft Corp.–backed company is on the cusp of an AGI breakthrough.

The Q* breakthrough reportedly led to an internal storm in OpenAI, with some of the staff members warning the company’s board that Q* could be a threat to humanity.

Why It Matters: Although Musk is joking, it also shows that the concerns around Q* and AGI are just conspiracy theories right now.


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