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BREAKING: Fulton County, GA Now ADMITS Over 3,000 Illegal Duplicate Ballots!

The truth is coming out!

And it’s starting to come out in waves!

Earlier today we had Mike Lindell vindicated and a scathing 135 page Order issued by a Judge condemning the voting machines in Georgia!

More on that below:

Mike Lindell Vindicated? Judge Deals Big Blow To Voting Machines — “Not Conspiracy Theorists!”

Now in a separate but related story we have 3,000 illegal duplicate ballots now being admitted!

Oh my!

Watch President Trump himself explain here:

Absolutely a "Bombshell Report"....

Over 3,000 means at least 3,600!

But that's just ONE County!

Now do them all:

So 3,600 in one county multiplied by 159 counties (!!) and you could potentially have 572,400 illegal and duplicated votes!

So....did that all happen during that "water pipe burst"?

Remember that?

Except....there was no water pipe at all, it was all phony!

Or maybe it was a leaky toilet or something.

Totally bogus!

We knew it was phony in the moment, but now it's really coming out!

Remember, Biden only "won" Georgia by 11,779 votes.

And this is the place that has the GALL to file criminal charges against President Trump???

You kidding me?

Here comes the boomerang folks!

President Trump told us ALL ALONG he had all the evidence!

And now we're seeing it start to come out.

But this is just the start....just the tippy-top!

Here's more from The Gellar Report:

“It now appears there actually was meaningful voter fraud in Fulton County, Georgia.”

Two Fulton County attorneys resigned on Thursday, who may have been involved in the 2020 Election, including the case where VoterGA has requested the ability to look at some absentee ballots that were identified in the county during a recount that appeared to be all copies for Joe Biden.


Mike Lindell Vindicated? Judge Deals Big Blow To Voting Machines -- "Not Conspiracy Theorists!"

Has Mike Lindell been vindicated?

If not 100% (yet) he's well on his way!

In a brand new 135 page (!!) ruling from U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg, which has been called "historic" and "monumental" a major blow has been struck to the voting machines....and a major helping hand has been extended to challengers of those machines, nothing the evidence in the case "does not suggest that the Plaintiffs are conspiracy theorists of any variety."

Mike Lindell took a well-deserved victory lap online:

It was indeed a "monster" ruling:

You can read the entire 135 pages here for anyone interested.

Jack Posobiec and Chuck Callesto, who normally do excellent reporting, actually got the story wrong in these tweet:

That citation is what the Plaintiffs are alleging....not what the judge ruled.

But that's ok, because the ruling is even better!

So what does it actually say?

Start here:

And from local 11Alive:

A federal judge has ordered the Georgia secretary of state into court to defend the state’s use of computerized voting, due to take place in a presidential primary four months from now.

Judge Amy Totenberg has ordered a non-jury trial to decide whether Georgia’s computerized voting system is safe enough from potential hackers to keep using next year.

Critics of Georgia’s computerized election system point to a security breach in south Georgia’s Coffee County – documented on surveillance video – where unauthorized people spent hours with computer systems, scanning and copying secure software, then posting some of the material on the internet.

Totenberg writes in the trial order that the “2021 Coffee County election equipment breach … presents a substantial risk that … votes will not be counted as cast.”
Breaches like that, critics say, can lead to Georgia ballot marking devices going haywire – as happened earlier this month in a local election in Pennsylvania, where voters using Dominion ballot marking devices printed paper ballots with QR codes that didn’t match the candidates’ names chosen by voters.

Numerous cybersecurity experts have contended in and out of court that hackers can undermine or alter the outcomes of elections dependent on computers and that election officials may not be able to identify when such hacking takes place.

In her order putting Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office in a civil trial in January, Totenberg writes the “defendants fail to identify a single cybersecurity expert who endorses the current configuration of Georgia’s (ballot marking device) system.”

"There is this very long, extensive and frankly alarming record of him not addressing election security, and not understanding it, and not wanting to understand it," said Susan Greenhalgh, a consultant for plaintiffs whose suit has been in court since 2018.

Backers of Georgia’s computerized voting system say there’s been no evidence of any security breaches in the 2020 and 2022 elections. They lump cybersecurity experts who are critical of Georgia’s voting system with conspiracy theorists who echoed Donald Trump’s debunked complaints about a stolen election in 2020.

That is very damning!

Here's a lot more:

🧵 1) Federal Judge Totenberg's (JT) ruling is monumental in the election integrity movement and for the future of constitution based elections and outcomes. As such, I will be providing a thread on her opinion and order which can be found in this link:…
2) JT starts off strong by saying this case is about the constitutionality of the case and whether the current lack of cybersecurity standards infringe on the plaintiff's 1st and 14th amendment rights. Image
3) JT then goes through the history of the of the case and its different iterations as it has evolved since it was first filed. Image

4) JT then drops this 💣 in the footnotes validating those of us who have been screaming from the rooftops that the electromechanical voting systems are not secure and wholly unreliable.

"...evidence does not suggest that the Plaintiffs are conspiracy theorists of any variety." Image

5) JT then breaks down the broad evidentiary scope of the case. She highlights the June 2022 report from CISA based on Dr. Halderman's report calling out the robust failings of the Dominion ImageCast X system and software. This was and is largely ignored by most, unfortunately. Image
6) JT rightly points out the the remedy the plaintiff's seek is not within her constitutional power. The time, manner and place of elections are vested in the Legislative branch. HOWEVER, if she does rule the machines are unconstitutional, the default voting method is paper. Image
7) JT lays this out in more detail. Here she addresses the QR codes-- where the "magic" happens. Anyone who follows @gatewaypundit knows the QR codes and text of the paper don't always match. This was the case in Cherokee County, KS in 2022 when a hand recount revealed this. Image
8) JT then addresses the plaintiff's burden to survive any motion to dismiss and proceed to trial. IMHO, the evidence in favor of the plaintiff's claims in this case are overwhelmingly in favor of a trial. Image
9) JT then introduces the "Cast of Characters" in this case. Dr. J Alex Halderman get his much deserved "expert" designation. His report on the security failings of Dominion is what forced CISA to issue their damning report on referenced in this case. Image
10) Next, JT covers the "Glossary of Terms". Good way to familiarize yourself with election machine jargon. Most notably is the part on QR codes where JT points out humans cannot read these which at at the heart of the argument on the constitutionality of the voting systems. Image
11) After a brief summary, JT breaks down the Direct Recording Electronic voting machines (DRE's). Here she addresses the plaintiff's violative nature of the DRE's on the plaintiff's 1st & 14th amendment rights. If this is upheld, it will have nationwide ramifications. Image
12) JT then addresses the internet accessibility of the voting systems (I thought they weren't connected to the internet? 🤔 Image
13) JT then addresses the fact Kennesaw State University's (KSU) Center for Election Services (CES) DESTROYED all the data on the hard drives of KSU’s “” and also on the secondary backup server during the case! #NothingToSeeHere

14) Here JT ruminates about her previous order where she said using a "technologically outdated and vulnerable voting system would be intolerable."

Yet, here in KS, and most of the country, our voting systems are only certified to VVSG 1.0-- a 2005 cybersecurity standard. 🙄👎 Image

15) JT points out plaintiff's previous claim of "data reliability and accuracy problems" in the voter roles. These are a mess everywhere. We found a voter in Kansas who hasn't voted in 10 years who cast a vote in the 2023 election. NOTE: Obituary says she died in January of 2008. Image
16) This part is important because it highlights the fact voting machines we use are unsecured, commercial off the shelf (COTS), Windows computers wrapped in a shell. If you've ever owned a Windows computer, you know how unreliable they are and prone to viruses #ControlAltDelete Image
17) Again, addressing the importance of clean voter databases. With mail ballots, it's easy to steal and cast votes when the ballots go to to the wrong place. This was very apparent in @DineshDSouza's movie "2000 Mules" based on the great work by @TrueTheVote. Image
18) NOTE: A lot of this case is specific to Georgia. I won't address those issues and will stick to the broader implications nationwide instead. The next section is very specific to new legislation and actions by the Georgia SOS.
19) JT then covers the voting system based on the new Ballot Marking Device (BMD) and the QR codes that are unreadable to human eye and are also NOT encrypted.
20) Now we get into the Constitutional claims by the Plaintiffs and the ❤️ of this case. If a voter can't verify their vote was cast the way they wanted and the ways in which the votes are cast and counted are different, the system shouldn't be used. Period. 🚨@KrisKobach1787🚨 Image
21) This case is groundbreaking and on par with Missouri v Biden that @tracybeanz has been covering. The national security and constitutional implications of this case cannot be overstated. Plaintiffs allege BMD's are violative of 1A, 14A, Equal Protection and Due Process clauses Image
22) Plaintiffs reiterate problems with QR codes vulnerability to manipulation. The litany of problems with these BMD's cannot be overstated. Image
23) Dr. Halderman makes another appearance when he rightly points out the fallacy that these voting systems are secure and impenetrable to malware/ cyber attacks (🐂💩). Image
24) The issue most people have with the electronic voting systems is that We the People cannot view the source code, we cannot audit the votes ourselves and we cannot trust these for-profit, third-party companies to do it for us. Image
25) We have the same problems in KS. We cannot audit these machines or elections. This is/was the issue with using digital images vs the original paper ballots-- it's the machine auditing itself. Plus, as Dr. Halderman says here, only 6.5% of the errors are caught by the voter. Image
26) At the Special Committee on Elections in September of this year, State Elections Director Bryan Caskey said they cannot update the software to VVSG 2.0 until AFTER the 2024 election... Why not?! We were supposed to be updated to VVSG 1.1 on July 6th, 2017 so the law is already broken.
27) Despite all of this applying nationwide, the SOS's are doing nothing to make sure these cybersecurity shortcomings are addressed. Makes you wonder how many of them are in on it. In Kansas, our SOS is the President of the NASS. Why wouldn't he push for more security? Image
28) What Halderman found was damning to all electronic voting systems. To my knowlege, most, if not all of this, has not been addressed by the SOS's and AG's continue to sit on their hands and allow them to break the law all over the country. Image
29) Again, this is what you have to audit the PAPER BALLOT and not the digital image. They can be altered. And votes CAN be flipped as was evidenced in Cherokee County, KS in 2022. The outright denial by the Kansas SOS, AG and most of the legislature shows their complicity. Image
30) The biggest and most voluminous points of failure are the workers and elections officials. They are people who are susceptible to corruption just like anyone else. That's why we need full transperancy in our elections. Image
31) Here, JT acknowledges CISA's attempts to clean up the mess they created by not doing their jobs and if not for Dr. Halderman's report, they would have done nothing. Then CISA says "no evidence" of exploitation. Helps when you don't look or investigate anything. Image
32) Gotta love this. Dominion knew of the security vulnerabilities but didn't issue any sort of alert or push for security updates to their systems and none of the states or SOS's seem particularly interested in doing this any time soon. Wonder why? 🤔 Image
33) NOT digital images-- PAPER BALLOTS Image
34) JT then covers the case in Coffee County, GA where forensic investigators got access to the election systems to determine if any malfeasance had occurred. This is an ongoing case and there are a lot of moving parts. Image
35) JT discussed the issue of standing for the plaintiffs. The judge rightly grants them standing and says they have "continued to satisfy that burden for purposes of summary judgment." Win for the good guys. Image
36) JT addresses plaintiffs claim of harm from having to divert resources to combat illegal activities by the defendants. This part right here will help anyone injured by these electronic voting systems to have standing to sue. This is HUGE.🔥 Image
37) Another win for "conspiracy theorists" here. Dr. Halderman testified that the out-of-date security measure in the voting systems pose a security risk “because they frequently contain known, publicly documented vulnerabilities that have been corrected in later versions.” Image
38) 2016 election wasn't safe either (NEWS FLASH-- none of them are) and hacked in 18 states and the 2018 midterms were targeted as well. Image
39) Dr Halderman concurred with the DNI who issued a report stating foreign adversaries (Russia, China & Iran-- all tied to Joe Biden via his son) were going to interfere in the 2020 election and that the voting system were ill-equipped to deal with that. #SafestElectionEver Image
40) Another precedent setting part for anyone who wants to file suit that there vote will not be counted as cast here. Image
41) CISA's recommendations for remedy of the security failures are on the forefront again. Most states, including Kansas, have ignored this and done nothing to fix these security failing. Image

42) 💥💥Defendants cannot identify a SINGLE cybersecurity expert who will testify to the relaiblity of the voting systems.💥💥

"Conspiracy theorists" just racking up wins here. Image

43) Defendants argue, unsuccessfully, that these security failing are irrelevant given the need for physical access to the machines. But, due to the "breach" of the Coffee County systems and circulation of the materials online, this is simply not true. Image
44) It's hard to imagine a scenario where this judge does not issue an injunction against using these machines. She wouldn't be determining the time, manner or place of elections-- as prescribed to the Legislative branch-- but simply on the constituionality of the voting system. Image
45) The plaintiffs/We the People have standing to have our votes cast and counted. It's as simple as that. Image

46) JT then addresses the "traceability" of the plaintiffs claims to the State Defendants and the Fulton County Defendants. She dismisses claims against Fulton County and places the blame squarely on the State's shoulders specifically tied to their illegal conduct.


47) JT then address "Redressability" and the defendants claims that no election system is perfect so therefore an inherently flawed one is ok to use. JT isn't having and of that... Image
48) Plaintiffs aren't arguing for perfection, simply that their particular vote is counted as cast.
49) JT again reiterates she cannot change the voting system, but that the current one has resulted injury to the plaintiffs and "the Court finds that the redressability requirement is satisfied." Image
50) All three facets necessary for summary judgement were satisfied by the plaintiffs and JT ruled in their favor for "standing for purposes of summary judgement."✔️ Image
51) JT rules the additional plaintiffs in this case have standing under the "One Plaintiff Rule". Image
52) JT rules the claims by the plaintiffs against the DRE's are moot with the exception of "evidence involving the voter registration database as a component of the existing voting system and the policies and practices regarding matters such as updating of software patches". Image
53) JT now address the constitutional claims by the plaintiffs. This whole section is 🔥 and will certainly be used as the basis for many election related lawsuits to follow. Image
54) JT explains she will measure the plaintiffs claims against the "Anderson-Burdick test". Image
55) This is the point many in the election integrity movement make. It is not the electronic voting systems themselves that are unconstitutional, it is their "configuration and implementation" with which we have a problem. 1) Not secure 2) Not auditable 3) Not trustworthy. Image
56) JT again rightly defers to the Legislature's plenary power over elections. She cannot order a new system to be used, but if they existing system is ruled unconstitutional then the default is hand-counted paper ballots. #CheckMate♟️ Image
57) JT mentions the injunctive relief to the plaintiffs. Since Georgia only uses one system, if that system is unconstitutional, it cannot be used. This case goes to trial in January of 2024. If she does grant the injunction, Georgia might be using HMPB's in the 2024 election. Image
58) JT address defendants claims that were refuted by the 11th Circuit that someone could just vote absentee instead and drops the 🔨. #SevereConstitutionalBurden Image
59) Under "Anderson-Burdick Step Two" JT refutes the defendants claims that the "slight" constitutional burden on the Plaintiffs is justified. To put it simply, it is NOT. It is both laughable and offensive the government would even argue this. Image
60) JT denies the plaintiff's "ballot secrecy" argument. Image
61) JT then addresses the plaintiff's argument against scanner settings (see: @KariLake's case against Maricopa 👀). But, in this case the judge says "this Court cannot grant relief on this issue as part of the proceedings in this case." Image
62) Next up is the Pollbooks/PollPads. While these are a main vector of attack for bad actors, the plaintiff's were unpersuasive and JT says they can present evidence at trial, but she won't give them summary judgement they seek. Image
63) JT sums it all up nicely here. The constitutional claims, while valid, will need to be proven at trial. Here's hoping the plaintiff's attorneys have the chops to get this case over the finish line. The national security implications of this case cannot be overstated. Image
64) Our voting systems are a black box of uncertainty wrapped in a facade of undeniable veracity. We the People should have full control of our elections. God willing this case will be a bellwether for the trust and transparency that is currently lacking in our voting systems. 🇺🇸


UPDATE: Mike Lindell's New Election Saving Device Is Being Used! (Updated With Exact Stats From Election Night)

I first brought you this story two days ago, but now I'm updating it with exact stats just released by Mike Lindell and his team.  Scroll down to see those.

A couple months ago, we brought you the big news from Mike Lindell that he had invented a new device to keep our elections SAFE!

Essentially, the small handheld device, which Lindell says is verified 100% legal, will tell you if there are any devices near you (like, say, voting machines?) that are connected to the Internet.


If you missed that report, you can read all the details here:

Mike Lindell DELIVERS: Plan To Save Elections Unveiled — “Can Be Live By Friday Morning!”

Flash forward two months and an election held this week (mostly state and local elections), and I wanted to know if these devices are being used....

So I've got an update for you.

First, lets go to ABC News who ran this story on November 3rd, just a few days before our latest elections:

Here is a portion of that ABC News story:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, one of the leading promoters of false 2020 election fraud claims, is facing pushback from election officials and experts after announcing the rollout of a device that he says can help keep elections secure.

Lindell says the wireless monitoring device, which was formally unveiled two weeks ago after Lindell first announced it in August at his so-called Election Crime Bureau Summit, is designed to detect if voting machines are connected to the internet.

The MyPillow CEO, who falsely claims that voting machines were manipulated to steal the 2020 election from Donald Trump, is facing defamation lawsuits from the voting machine companies Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic. Lindell has denied wrongdoing.

Lindell told ABC News that the monitoring devices have already been sent, at no charge, to election officials in several states including Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Missouri.

"We hope to have them in all 50 states," Lindell said.

"All it does is tell you if a [voting machine] is hooked up to the internet and transmitting," Lindell said. "It's already been checked out ... 100% legal."

Investigators have, at times in the past, found isolated instances where computer systems that control voting machines were unknowingly connected to the internet. But election officials ABC News spoke with said that, generally speaking, Lindell's device is meant to solve a problem that doesn't exist.

Erran Huber, director of communications for Jefferson County, Kentucky, told ABC News their office "has no practical purpose for the devices" because their voting machines are "physically incapable" of receiving wireless internet connections.

"It is against the law in Kentucky for voting machines to be connected to the internet," Jim Luersen, the clerk for Campbell County, told ABC News.

Michon Lindstrom, director of communications for Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams, said the same thing.

"The presence of Wi-Fi in a building does not mean that ballot scanners are connected to the internet," Lindstrom said. "State law prohibits that, and we do not certify ballot scanners for use if they have any capacity for connectivity."

Beyond questions about the device's usefulness, election officials said that in order for any new technology to be used during elections, it must undergo a process of approval and testing. Lindell cannot "just send devices to clerks and expect them to be used," one election official told ABC News.

"It's a regulated field," said Brianna Lennon, the clerk for Boone County, Missouri. "Our voting equipment is certified both at the federal level by the Election Assistance Commission, and then it is certified again at the Secretary of State's level before we are allowed to purchase it."

As a result, said Lennon of Lindell's device, "I do not intend to use it for anything."

One county in Kentucky banned such devices in October after being made aware of them.

Lindell told ABC News that each device cost him $500 to manufacture, and that he plans to send out 1,000 devices to at least three states that are conducting elections this month.

Lindell said the inventor of the device is Dennis Montgomery, a computer programmer who was subpoenaed by voting machine company Smartmatic for documents and testimony the company said is relevant to its defamation suit against Lindell. According to a status conference record, Montgomery satisfied the request after he sat for a deposition.

So let's recap: the devices have been sent out!

ABC News clearly does not like Mike Lindell and paints him in a bad light in this article.

And the timing of the article is interesting, just a week before our latest elections.

Mike himself picked up on all of this when he wrote the following earlier this morning:

Hello from Mike Lindell,

When you are over the target, you can expect in-coming flak hot and fast!

And ABC NEWS is shooting at us hard and fast because they have to stop our National Election Plan that includes paying for and distributing our Wireless Monitoring Devices (WMDs) across the nation!

The headline says it all:


It is one thing when a poorly read magazine of little consequence like Newsweek attacks you every single day, but when one of the Big Three Legacy Media outlets comes after you, I can confidently say we are doing something right.

It means the Lindell Offense Fund is uncovering election fraud, stolen elections, rigged outcomes, falsified documents, lies, cover-ups and much more.

The gist of the ABC News attack is to intimidate our 300,000 volunteers, many of whom are equipped with LOF's Wireless Monitoring Devices (WMDs) that can detect hidden Wi-Fi networks that connect election voting and tabulating machines to the Internet, in violation of federal law.

ABC News, like everyone else, knows elections are rigged and can be easily manipulated.

One would think after the BLOCKBUSTER news of Election Crime cases in Connecticut and New Jersey involving fraud, stolen and rigged elections, stuffing Ballot Drop Boxes with forged and stolen documents, that ABC News would applaud our National Election Plan to report rigged elections.

But no, ABC News is attacking me to pressure our team to back off and stay out of the Election Process.

ABC News wants to silence WE THE PEOPLE and stop the Lindell Offense Fund from equipping you with the necessary tools to SAVE AMERICA.

ABC News will not admit that I WAS 100% CORRECT. Election Fraud happens; Stolen Elections is a MASSIVE problem; Voting Drop Boxes cannot be trusted; and Absentee ballots invite election crimes!

To protect the future of America, WE THE PEOPLE must step up and dedicate ourselves to fighting for the rule of law, for transparency, for the right to speak freely and question elections and the electoral process.

No one should lose their business, their cell-phone, their website, or their right to free speech because they dare question the approved narrative.


From Mike Lindell this morning:

Hello from Mike Lindell,

The Lindell Election Summit revealed The Plan to save our election platforms. Two major components were:

FrankSocial for REAL time election reporting and the use of Wireless Monitoring Devices (WMD) to detect when election machines are online, which is against the law.

** FrankSocial tracked 44 incidents of machines failing on election day and
*20 real time reports of paper ballot anomalies, and
*over 200 election incidents reported across 18 states.

For the first time we are collecting, organizing and investigating election anomalies in real time all across the country! This is a huge victory for the people.

URGENT: Although electronic voting machine companies have emphatically declared their machines are not online and do not contain Bluetooth modems- we have reports of Ballot printers going online with multiple tabulators tethered to the printing machines during Tuesday’s elections. This is supposed to be impossible. For now, we are concealing critical details to protect election clerks from retaliation.

So far we also know:
**Pennsylvania elections systems WERE “programmed for the election”- the votes being cast were flipped for the opposing candidate inside the machine. Election officials have attempted to chalk it up to “human error” & dismiss the ramifications of this story: the machines are programmable and WERE programmed for a particular result: to flip the selected vote to the opposing candidate.

**Kentucky Governor election has an unbelievable outcome. So much so that all hands are on deck to fight the suspicious outcome.

** One of the biggest Democrat county strongholds in Kentucky has been cleared out due to a supposed “gas leak”.

** In Indiana, the Secretary of State was monitoring “power outage” issues across the state despite the lack of any severe weather.

**Colorado citizens began receiving notifications their ballots had been counted. Only problem- they had not yet cast their ballot.

** 6 new counties are pledging paper ballot hand count elections now!

Bottom Line: FrankSocial is sharing reports on election incidents AHEAD of MSM, while federal agencies like DHS, CISA, and the Global Engagement Council work to censor discussion of our elections as revealed in Congressman Jim Jordan’s recent report, FrankSocial is enabling citizen journalists to inform America on a safe and trusted platform.

Here's more on the machines:

Mike Lindell DELIVERS: Plan To Save Elections Unveiled -- "Can Be Live By Friday Morning!"

Mike Lindell delivered....big time!

For over a month now, I've been telling you to make sure you didn't miss Mike's two-day SAVE OUR ELECTIONS SUMMIT.

It's actually still wrapping up, but it did not disappoint.

The entire event has been loaded from start to finish, with no down time for 48 hours.

A highlight was Prof. David Clements, which I'll get to in just a moment.

But the main event of the 2-day summit was Mike unveiling his big plan to save our future elections.

Here is Flynn, Bannon, Lindell and Olsen on stage right before the announcement:

And here is Mike on stage making the announcement:

Watch more details here:

Mike talks more about it with the War Room after the announcement:

We can now police our own elections!

Really excited to see how this all plays out....

This looks like a huge win from Mike Lindell who never stops working to save this country!


Another big moment was the presentation from Professor David Clements.

Watch this:



We all know Kid Rock loves Trump and loves America...

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Or the DemocRats have just moved much farther left than they used to be, leaving Bill more in the middle.

And you know what else was shocking?

This was a GREAT conversation!

This is the way America is meant to be...

Two guys with different political views grab some cigars, a few beers and still have a rational, logical and even fun conversation debating topics!

Oh and then the unthinkable happened....

Mike Lindell crashed the party!

You'll see what I mean, just watch here:

Backup here on Rumble:

And if you're interested, you can watch the Full interview here:

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MUST SEE: Mike Lindell Gives Behind-The-Scenes Tour of His GIANT MyPillow Warehouse!

Mike Lindell just gave a rare, behind-the-scenes hour-long tour of his massive MyPillow warehouse and it was a real blast!

So I had to share it with you.

Ever wanted to know what it takes to ship millions of pillows, sheets and everything else?

Well just take a look at this massive warehouse -- farther than the eye can see!

Mike took us on a behind-the-scenes tour for almost a full hour and it was a ton of fun.

You can watch it all right here on Rumble:

I told you....isn't that awesome?

Mike Lindell is a really good guy!

Now here's more....

I guess this is what they mean when they talk about "Karma" striking?


Bed, Bath & Beyond removed MyPillow products from its stores in January 2021.

According to CNN Business at the time, it was because Mike Lindell questioned the validity of the 2020 election.

A year later, Bed, Bath & Beyond is suffering...and MyPillow is THRIVING!

In their latest quarterly results, the retailer announced a "lack of inventory" cost them $100 million.

You can't make this stuff up, folks!

The irony is too perfect!

They could have stocked their shelves with MyPillow products, but they decided to get political.

CNBC reports that the outlook for Bed, Bath and Beyond isn't good:

In a note to clients, Fadem said that Bed Bath & Beyond’s fundamentals are “deteriorating” amid “choppy execution” by management.

In the near term, Tritton said that the supply chain headwinds will persist, putting a damper on future results.

Bed, Bath and Beyond is closing 37 stores, Todd Starnes reported.

Fortunately for supporters of Mike Lindell, Mike doesn't need retailers like Bed, Bath and Beyond.

He has partnered with conservative sites like We Love Trump to cut prices and pass the savings on to his customers. 

Check out these amazing deals when you use promo code WLT (by using that promo code, you'll be supporting and benefiting We Love Trump):

-- MyPillow's famous mattress topper is 50% off!

-- Mike's Giza Dream Sheets are buy one-get one free!

-- The six-piece towel set is only $39.99!

When you get to checkout, look for this box:

Enter WLT and click apply.

You'll get your discount and support Mike Lindell and We Love Trump.

Plus, you'll send a message to the retailers who canceled MyPillow -- we don't need them!

For more deals at the WeLoveTrump MyPillow page, click here!

Don't miss this:

And this:

There's nothing better than sleeping on a new set of sheets!

If you need new sheets, it's the "sale of the year" on MyPillow's bedsheets: Their "Giza Dream Sheets" are 60% off when you use promo code WLT (We Love Trump benefits when you use that code) -- and their new Percale sheets are on sale, too!

We all know Mike Lindell has been working tirelessly to expose the fraud of the 2020 election.

Friendly reminder, MyPillow is NOT available for sale in Bed Bath and Beyond, in case you were wondering:



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