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Happening TUESDAY Night, Can You Join Me?

Hey, it’s Noah here…and I’ve got a special invite for you.

I hope you’re free.

I’m getting a big group of people together tomorrow night, Tuesday, November 21st at 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central:

Can you be there?

We’ll keep it to about 30 minutes, but it’s important that we get as many people to join us at possible.

AND….I’m doing something I’ve NEVER DONE BEFORE….and you’re going to love it!  

More details on that down below, trust me you don’t want to miss it!

You’ll be in good company as we’ve already had over 100,000 people (yes, really!) interested in helping us out with this Mission.

I suppose I should back up for a second…

This all relates to the Mission I started back in February.

We launched on Valentine’s Day, February 14th and we launched with absolutely nothing — very similar to how I originally launched this website back in 2015.

We launched the mission with no special funding, no one one board to help me, nothing!

But we didn’t stay there long…

We grew fast.  REALLY fast.

I now have over 200 people working with me on this Mission.


Because they see the same vision I do, and they already see how we’re making a difference right now!

It’s pretty incredible and humbling.

Over 200 people actively working with me and over 100,000 people who have said they want to join us in what we’re doing to fight back and save our Country.

So, that’s the short recap.

I’ll give you the FULL SCOOP on Tuesday night, which is why I need about 30 minutes so I can show you everything.

I have no doubt once you see what we’re going you’re going to love it.

So can you be there?

It’s 100% free to come on Tuesday night and you don’t need to leave your house!

Just Register for the Zoom call by using this link:

That’s it!

But you do need to register so that we can reserve your spot.

We have done a bunch of these and there’s always a risk that we hit capacity for the Zoom Room, so we have to allow only people who are Registered to join — kind of like an RSVP.

Oh, and please get there early on Tuesday, ok?

Just log in about 5 minutes early to make sure you don’t have any trouble.

We do “close the doors” once we get started and I always get emails afterwards asking me why someone got locked out who showed up 15 minutes late.

Sorry, but you gotta be there on time or you’ll miss important info!

Plus, I’ll be there of course and I love getting to chat and hang out with everyone before and afterwards.

Come with any questions you have!

Come to chat.

Come to learn!

Come to make a difference!

If you want a little sneak peak, watch this:

As I said, it’s Invite Only and the invite is completely free!

Register here:

I am really looking forward to this, see you there!


Now…here’s the special announcement!

I’m doing something I’ve never done before….and you might just go home $260 richer!

Yes really…..

I am so confident you’ll love what we’re doing with this Movement that I’m adding in something new…

I am so confident you will want to join us that I’m doing a HUGE Giveaway for everyone who joins us on a big Zoom I’m doing this coming Tuesday night!

Come and find out what this Movement is all about, and at the end of the day you might just walk away with something worth $260!

How’s that sound?

Entry is totally FREE and no obligation to do anything other than join us on the Zoom because you do need to be present to win.

But that’s it.

If you register and join me on Tuesday, you might be walking away with one of two AWESOME prizes….

The Grand Prize is a real Gold Eagle Coin valued at $260 (because it is 1/10 an ounce of gold).

The dime-sized 1/10 ounce Gold Eagle is one of the most popular small gold bullion coins in the United States. The obverse of the coin is Saint-Gaudens’ Lady Liberty, while the reverse has the namesake Eagle, the coin’s troy weight, and nominal face value of $5. While containing a full 1/10 troy ounce of gold, the Eagle weighs a bit more than 1/10 troy ounce, as it is minted with the traditional U.S. gold alloy of 91.67% gold, with the remaining mix in copper and silver. This makes the coin stronger and less likely to be damaged from mishandling. Dates on the coins will be of our choosing and may or may not vary, determined by stock on hand.

This is it and you’d better believe this is the real deal:

I’ll even cover the shipping to send it to you if you win!

The Second Prize is a set of Mike Lindell’s Giza Cotton Sheets from MyPillow, valued at $79.98:

Why did I pick these two prizes?

Because they are two of my favorite things!

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know I’ve been preaching about Gold whenever I can.

And I believe in it so much that I thought actually giving away a real gold coin would be so fun!

And the sheets….well, I have been very public about saying these are my favorite sheets I have ever owned.

You know how Michael Jordan famously had a brand new pair of Air Jordans for every game he ever played in?

I’m not that extreme, but I might have several sets of Mike’s Giza Cotton Sheets at my house….because life’s too short to sleep on crappy sheets!

And since I love them so much, I figure it would be fun to bless someone with a set who maybe hasn’t ever had them before.

After all, when we get together on Zoom I always call it a Party With a Purpose because that’s what it is!

We have a lot of fun but it’s for a wonderful Mission and Goal.

So I figured why not amp up the “party” part a little bit, eh?

Sound good to you?

I thought so.

Here’s the deal….

First of all, our Zoom room is MAXED OUT at 1,000 people.

And I have a feeling we may hit that, so what you want to do first is Register and claim your spot — and you can do that right here:

It’s this coming Tuesday night at 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central time:

After you Register, then you can ENTER the Giveaways below!

To enter, it’s going to ask for you to give me your First Name, your Last Name Initial and then a Code Word.

The Code Word can be anything you want, I’m just going to use it to find you on the Zoom — remember, we might have 1,000 people in there, so if I say “Joe M.” is our winner, we may very well have two “Joe M.’s” on the call, so I’ll say “Joe M. who gave me code word “Mayonnaise” is the winner!

Just a fun, quick way for me to find you, and then after I find you I will verify your win via the email you registered with.

Sound good?

Everyone clear on how this works?

This is going to be so much fun!

Enter to win the GRAND PRIZE:

Enter to win the Giza Cotton Sheets:

Yes, you can enter both but only one entry per person please!

Entry is Free.

One entry per person.  

Must be present on the Zoom on Tuesday to win!

Good luck! 🙌

And most importantly, we’re changing the world with this Mission and we need you!

So I’m so excited to have you join un on Tuesday.

Oh, and get there a few minutes early to make sure you get a seat before we hit capacity….

And we close the doors promptly at start time, so I would hate for you to miss out.

Ok, that’s it.

Super excited….I’ll see you there!




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