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Democrat-City Spends Millions To Send Migrants To Other Cities

In the latest on American cities playing hot potato with the millions of immigrants pouring into our country:

Denver, Colorado, has spent nearly $4.5 million transporting migrants to other cities.

Instead of deporting the immigrants who are destroying our economy and threatening our safety, they continue to offload the problem onto other cities.

Fox News shares more here:

The city of Denver has spent millions of dollars in the last year transporting thousands of migrants to other parts of the country, officials confirmed this week.

CBS News first reported that Denver has spent nearly $4.5 million transporting more than 12,000 migrants out-of-state.

A spokesperson for the city’s government confirmed the figures to Fox News Digital.

“We provide migrant guests who wish to stay in Denver with shelter and support. However, we also understand that many individuals arriving in Denver from the southern border have other destinations in mind,” the spokesperson said. “This is often because they have built-in support systems from family and friends in those cities, or because they believe they will have a better chance at finding work that suits their skills.”

“Our priority is to ensure migrant guests are treated fairly and are placed in the situation that fits their needs. Individual tickets are purchased based on destination requests directly from migrants to various cities, after insurances are gathered that the individual or family truly desires the intended location,” they said.

How about you send them back to their own countries?

That’s a thought.

Back in October, Denver was begging Texas to stop sending migrants to their city:

These Democrats need to realize that their willingness to accept millions of immigrants is destroying their cities.

People are tired of it, and election season is closing in.

The Associated Press News shares more on the story:

Denver alone has spent at least $4.3 million in city funds to send migrants to other U.S. cities, freeing up shelter beds for new arrivals while adding to the numbers in other Democratic-led cities such as Chicago and New York that are struggling to house asylum-seekers, mostly from Venezuela.

Data wasn’t yet available from New York, though the city is offering one-way plane tickets to anywhere in the world. Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago has used state funds to help buy tickets for more than 2,500 migrants who have family, friends or sponsors elsewhere, according to Chief of Staff Mary Krinock.

The cities say they buy tickets only for migrants who want to travel and they do not coerce people to leave. Texas and Florida have chartered buses and planes to take migrants only to certain cities. They say people board them voluntarily.

“The people who are desperate, who are coming here for shelter and assistance, we’re not going to turn those people away,” Jon Ewing of Denver Human Service said. “But at the same time we have to make it very clear to them that’s there’s only so much we can do.”

Advocates working with migrants say many come to Denver on their way to other cities because of its relative proximity to the border, reputation for being welcoming and the cheaper bus fare.

It’s hilarious and sad to watch these once-great cities die because they are trying to balance supporting their citizens and supporting millions of immigrants.


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