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President Trump Scores Major Legal Victory!

A talking Trump is a dangerous Trump! The establishment knows this all too well.

Of course, it is the God-given right of every single human being, whoever has or will ever exist, to speak out and be heard; to silence someone is one of the worst human rights offenses.

I cannot remember if it was Aristotle or Plato who said that the greatest evil perpetrated upon slaves was their inability to speak freely, this is despite both men seeing no moral problem with the broader institution of slavery at the time.

That’s right, even people who supported slavery knew the inherent evil in gagging someone or not allowing them to speak freely.

What is happening with the Trump gag orders represents this age-old evil, combined with the fact that it is being done to a generally anti-establishment, oppositional political figure.

It is both a human rights violation and a threat to ‘democracy’ simultaneously.

Fortunately, this blatant injustice has not gone uncontested, and an appeals court has officially frozen the gag order in President Trump’s federal election case.

This order is a temporary freeze and arguments against the gag order will be heard in court on November 20, 2023. Multiple Pro-MAGA outlets confirmed the reports:

CNN reports:

In a brief order, a three-judge panel at the US DC Circuit Court of Appeals said they were pausing the gag order issued by District Judge Tanya Chutkan to give them more time to consider Trump’s request to pause the order while his appeal plays out before the court.

The appellate judges – Patricia Millett and Cornelia Pillard, both Barack Obama appointees, and Brad Garcia, a Joe Biden appointee – said they would fast-track Trump’s appeal of the gag order and hear arguments in the matter on November 20.

Joy Reaper explained: “Trump Team Appeals Chutkan’s Gag Order, Threatening The Next Appeal Will Be To SCOTUS. For now the GAG order has been frozen but if re-instated Trump will appeal to SCOTUS.

The Gag order on Trump represents the first time a leading political opponent has been silenced from political speech with a gag order from a federal judge.

President Trump has been making public statements for months and there is no evidence of harm coming to any party. Tanya Chutkan has demonstrated the capacity for being partial and ruling according to her partiality.

We The People and the over 100 million supporters of President Trump deserve better! The gag order demonstrates unconstitutional hostility. If a stay is not issued by Nov. 10, 2023 the lawyers threatened to involve the Supreme Court.”

Newsweek previously featured this development blocking the DOJ arrest of President Trump for violating gag orders:

In the footnote of her Sunday opinion reinstating the gag order, Chutkan denied a request from federal prosecutors asking her to incorporate the order into Trump’s conditions of release.

“Even assuming that request is procedurally proper, the court concludes that granting it is not necessary to effectively enforce the Order at this time,” she wrote.


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