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JUST IN: Democrat Fundraiser Comes Under Congressional Investigation

One Democrat fundraiser has come under the eye of Congressional investigators.

One Democrat fundraiser has come under the eye of Congressional investigators.

Act Blue is a Democrat fundraising entity that pools together small donations from the general public and funnels that money toward Democrat concerns all over the country.

WLTR has previously covered the numerous allegations against Act Blue—including the allegation that they are effectively laundering money from foreign entities.

Moreover, many of the donations have apparently been made under the names of people who have never consented or acted as donors for Act Blue.

Now, Congressional investigators have launched a probe into Act Blue and have accused it of many of the same things like money laundering and potentially acting as an arm for foreign governments.

Independent journalist Peter Bernegger shared the letter Congressional lawmakers penned to ActBlue:

“US Congressman Bryan Steil’s letter to ActBlue asking them questions. Please note Congressman ActBlue is playing a huge role in the criminal money laundering; they know it is happening. They are participating.

Each of their Executive Officers, their Directors, their coders are guilty a million times over of felony money laundering, bank fraud, elderly abuse, identity theft, bank secrecy act violations, wire fraud, and conspiracy to defraud the States, the Federal Govt.., rigging elections and more.

They are not just being used as your letter suggests, Congressman. They deliberately for one, are not using the CVV 3-digit code on the back of the cards to verify the transactions.

They intentionally are not using the physical address to match to the name to match to the bank to match to the card number.

Thank you for stepping up Congressman; many more questions to ask ActBlue and numerous other PACs and campaigns committing the same money laundering, abusing our elderly.”

Investigative journalist James O’Keefe recently conducted an in-depth investigation into Act Blue:

“Mole inside ActBlue discloses secret conference held in Boston. Inside hotel, I question ActBlue on FEC money laundering allegations. The Boston Police were called and bodycam footage forthcoming…

Months ago we found a handful of donors who donated small amounts to ActBlue, but when ActBlue reported the donations to the Federal Elections Commission, something didn’t add up. Unaware retirees, among many others, were reported having given tens of thousands more than their actual donation.

We went to get some answers from ActBlue staffers on the inside at their secret meeting in Boston. When confronting ActBlue employees outside of the hotel, no responses were given.

I was questioned by conference security and when they saw my OMG press pass, I was immediately asked to leave the hotel premises. Once outside of the hotel, things got even more heated and the police were called on our team.”

Fox News reports:

[Congressman] Steil cited reports that “untraceable prepaid cards” were used to make ActBlue donations.

He also suggested that at least some of that money could be coming from foreign sources.

“In other cases, allegations suggest that malicious actors employ standard identity theft practices to funnel unlawful funds to ActBlue platform users, with the names of actual persons used to make contributions without their knowledge or consent,” the letter reads.

Conservative influencer George stated: “This perfectly explains why Republicans won’t investigate the ACTBlue campaign money laundering scheme, because they do the same thing.

Democrats and Republicans are getting money laundered to their campaigns from dark sources. This is how the swamp works.”

Washington Examiner featured this related detail:

Trump Judge Says She Can’t Remember Ace Blue Contribution.


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