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What Is Ron DeSantis Hiding? The Truth About His Boots

You might have heard it floating around.

Rumors are circulating about Ron DeSantis.

No, it’s not about corruption.

It’s not even about his failure of a presidential campaign that has ruined his prospects as a serious candidate.

That’s right.

It’s about his boots.

“What about his boots?” you may ask.

Well, there are rumors that they are heels!

Wait! Before I lose you.

Stick around and see the evidence.

But wait!

There’s more.

Check out what Politico has to say:

In the last few weeks, posts mocking Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ strangely shaped cowboy boots have racked up millions of views on Twitter and TikTok, with online sleuths trying to determine whether he’s wearing height-boosting insoles to pump himself up against a 6’3” primary frontrunner with a penchant for nicknames who reportedly considered calling DeSantis “Tiny D.” (If the 2001 Yale baseball team roster is to be believed, DeSantis stands at 5’11”.) Posters have sketched over photos of the boots, showing where they think DeSantis’ feet sit inside. “Slay queen,” captioned one TikTok user. Hashtags like “parisfashionweek” and “mallgothfashion” abound. And former President Donald Trump himself even shared one of the posts on Truth Social.

It sounds vain to fret over height in a political race, but DeSantis has reason to worry: Over the last century or so, taller candidates have tended to have an advantage in general elections — with the notable exceptions of former President Barack Obama, who is shorter than Mitt Romney, and President Joe Biden, who is shorter than Trump.

Three top experts in the field say the cowboy boot truthers might be onto something.

“I’ve dealt with these politicians many times,” says Zephan Parker, the bespoke bootmaker behind Houston’s popular Parker Boot Company, which, he says, has made height-increasing cowboy boots for a number of Texan politicians. (No, he won’t reveal any names.) “I’ve helped them with their lifts. [DeSantis] is wearing lifts; there’s no doubt.”

Ron DeSantis has to get any advantage he can get over President Trump.

It’s all futile anyway; there is no way he will win the GOP primaries.

Check out this video about DeSantis’ weird walk:

The guy doesn’t look natural.

There is something very fake about it all.

Now watch this interview that Patrick Bet David did with DeSantis, where he was confronted about the boots:

He can feign ignorance, but let’s get real.

How would he have never heard about these rumors beforehand?

I’m sure he did.

At this point, you might be asking, “Why does this matter?”

Well, Donald Trump Jr. explained it well:

He’s entirely correct.

We need a confident leader.

If DeSantis is short, who cares?

However, we need someone who will admit his faults.

Business Insider shares more on the story:

DeSantis’ largest competition (both in height and in polling), former President Donald Trump, has jumped into the discussion as well. His campaign sent out a press release Tuesday afternoon where his spokesperson said DeSantis has committed “borderline psychotic behavior by lying to the American people” about the boots.

The release noted DeSantis’ appearance on a recent podcast where he was pressed on the topic. The governor said he hadn’t been made aware of the allegations but insisted his boots were standard, off-the-rack Lucchese, a statement the Trump campaign called “major brand damage to a great American footwear company.”

If it was the beginning of the campaign or if DeSantis held a commanding lead, the attention to DeSantis’ footwear would likely be another speed bump in a long campaign. But in late August, the Washington Post reported that the chief strategist for DeSantis’ super PAC warned that the campaign needed to overtake Trump by the end of October.

Well, the super PAC should abandon ship now because DeSantis didn’t and never would’ve overtaken President Trump.

He needs to drop out now and endorse President Trump.


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