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Federal Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Biden Administration Over Southern Border

The State of Texas recently sued the Biden administration to prevent federal agencies from the Department of Homeland Security from cutting razor wire set up on the southern border.

September saw an enormous rise in illegal aliens crossing the southern border.

With over 222,000 migrants detained trying to cross the border.

Now, the federal judge overseeing the lawsuit has issued an emergency restraining order against the Biden Administration that prevents the Department of Homeland Security from “disassembling, degrading, tampering with” razor wire barriers on the southern border.

This is a massive win for Texas and the general security of our southern border.

The Associated Press News shares more on the initial lawsuit:

In the lawsuit filed in federal court in Del Rio, Texas, Attorney General Ken Paxton accuses the Biden administration of “undermining” the state’s border security efforts.

“Texas has the sovereign right to construct border barriers to prevent the entry of illegal aliens,” Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general, said in a news release Tuesday.

State authorities started rolling out miles (kilometers) of the concertina wire in May before the end of Title 42, a temporary emergency health authority used to turn migrants back during the pandemic. The sharp wire was deployed in areas of high traffic through the Rio Grande at the border near such locations as Brownsville and Eagle Pass, Texas.

Migrant and environmental advocates quickly raised concerns over the damaging effects of the razor wire, which were also raised internally by those charged with enforcing its use. A state trooper and medic described the use of their border tactics as “inhumane” in July when he sent an internal complaint documenting cases of lacerated and injured migrants.

I would love to learn how razor wire is considered “inhumane.”

I can think of a straightforward preventative solution to not getting cut by razorwire.

Don’t try to cross the southern border illegally!

I know it’s a tricky concept for Democrats to grasp, but it works, I promise!

I’m sure the Biden administration would happily let in millions of more illegal aliens.

After all, many will likely be voting Democrat.

CNN shares more on the lawsuit:

Paxton is asking the court to block the defendants “from continuing to destroy and damage private property that is not theirs—without statutory authority and in violation of both state and federal law.”

The Biden administration and Texas have been at odds in recent months over how to handle border security and Tuesday’s filing comes amid an increase in apprehensions at the US southern border.

While apprehension numbers initially dropped following the May expiration of the Covid-era restriction known as Title 42, they have since ticked back up. Last month, Border Patrol apprehended more than 200,000 migrants crossing the US-Mexico border, the highest total during a one month period this year.

Texas’ approach to deterring migrants, which includes deploying floating barriers in the Rio Grande, has come under fire in recent months.

Why is our country not allowed to protect our border?

It’s easy for Democrats in D.C. to sit in their ivory tower and let the hordes of undocumented illegals pour into our country.

Indeed, it doesn’t impact THEM.

What about the ordinary people?

Especially the people in Texas who have to deal with increasing numbers of illegal immigrants coming into their states.

This is not sustainable, and something has to give.


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