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If A College Professor Can “Beam” Voices Into Your Head, Imagine What The Govt. Can Do!

According to many reports, the suspect in the Maine mass shootings “heard voices in his head”:

That’s not an uncommon thing among people who commit heinous acts.

But I want to examine perhaps HOW and WHY this happens…

In some cases it could certainly be a chemical imbalance, something just goes wacky in the body composition and brain.

Fair enough.

But the more I research the evil of the Deep State, the more I’m convinced that people like this are “carefully created” rather than just being a horrible accident.

One such method (although I’m sure there are MANY….including many we don’t even know about) is MK Ultra.

I want to start with MK Ultra and then we’ll end with an incredible video showing you how they can literally “beam” a voice right into your head!

Once mocked as a “conspiracy theory” MK Ultra is now 100% confirmed as fact.

Read this summary that I asked ChatGPT to prepare, and you’ll be shocked at the history here….yes folks, THIS is your Government hard at work:

The History of MK Ultra: From Conspiracy to Reality

Conspiracy theories often toe the line between the outlandish and the feasible. Most are relegated to the realm of fiction, with the truth being far less sensational than the rumors suggest. However, every so often, a conspiracy is found to have substance, revealing a shadowy world that was once thought to exist only in fiction. One such tale is that of the MK Ultra project, a covert CIA program that has been the subject of much speculation, condemnation, and incredulity. It stands as a testament to the lengths government agencies might go in the pursuit of power and control.

Origins and Objectives

The origins of MK Ultra can be traced back to the 1950s, a time when the Cold War was at its height. Both the U.S. and the Soviet Union were deeply engaged in espionage, trying to outdo each other in technological, military, and intelligence fronts. One of the significant fears was the use of mind control or brainwashing techniques, especially after the Korean War, where there were suspicions that captured American troops were subjected to such methods.

The CIA, anxious about the Soviets’ capabilities and desperate not to be left behind, initiated MK Ultra in 1953. Its primary objective was to research methods to control the human mind and use it as a weapon. Drugs, especially LSD, were a major focus, but the program also delved into hypnosis, sensory deprivation, electroshocks, and even forms of torture.

The Darker Side

The most controversial aspect of MK Ultra was its use of unwitting subjects. Many of the experiments were conducted without the participants’ knowledge or consent, a gross violation of ethical standards. The targets varied: they included both U.S. and Canadian citizens, prisoners, patients in psychiatric hospitals, and even some CIA employees. A considerable part of this experimentation took place in universities, hospitals, and prisons across North America, funded by the CIA but carried out by independent agents who were often unaware of the larger agenda.

One notable incident involved Dr. Frank Olson, a U.S. army biochemist. After being covertly dosed with LSD by his colleagues at a retreat, Olson experienced severe paranoia and depressive episodes, culminating in his mysterious death. Officially ruled as a suicide, many believe that Olson was murdered to cover up what he had been exposed to.

Mind Control Techniques

While the program spanned numerous avenues of research, the central theme was mind control. So, how did they aim to achieve this?

  1. Drugs: LSD was the primary drug of interest, often administered without the subject’s knowledge. The idea was to reprogram the brain, making the individual more susceptible to influence. Additionally, drugs like barbiturates and amphetamines were used in combination to interrogate subjects, placing them in a state between wakefulness and unconsciousness.
  2. Hypnosis: This technique was explored both alone and in conjunction with drugs. The objective was to coerce individuals into committing acts they’d otherwise resist, from divulging secrets to attempting assassinations.
  3. Sensory Deprivation: By depriving individuals of stimuli for extended periods, they hoped to induce altered states of consciousness, making the subjects more malleable.
  4. Electroshock Therapy: High-voltage shocks, sometimes paired with drug-induced states, were believed to erase memories or make subjects more compliant.
  5. Physical and Mental Torture: Harrowing experiments included forced sleep, induced paralysis, and prolonged confinement.

From Theory to Reality

For many years, MK Ultra existed in the realm of whispers and rumors. Conspiracy theorists speculated about the government’s involvement in mind control, but with little tangible evidence, these claims were easy to dismiss as mere paranoia.

The reality of MK Ultra came crashing into the public consciousness in the mid-1970s. A combination of investigative journalism and political inquiries, particularly the Church Committee, uncovered thousands of documents related to the program. While the CIA had attempted to destroy most of the evidence in 1973, some documents had been mistakenly spared, revealing the shocking depth and breadth of the experiments.

When the truth emerged, it wasn’t just the conspiracy theorists who were aghast but the general public as well. The revelations were a sobering reminder of the unchecked power that can run rampant in the absence of accountability.

Legacy and Implications

MK Ultra was officially terminated in 1973, but its ramifications lingered on. Numerous victims came forward, sharing their traumatic experiences and seeking justice. Although there were some financial settlements, many feel that true accountability has never been achieved.

Beyond the individual tragedies, MK Ultra serves as a cautionary tale about the unchecked power of government agencies and the ethical quagmires that can arise in the name of national security. While it’s tempting to relegate MK Ultra to the annals of history, it is essential to remember it as a testament to the dark lengths humanity might go in pursuit of control and dominion.

Today, as we navigate an era characterized by technological advancements and data privacy concerns, the legacy of MK Ultra underscores the need for vigilance, transparency, and the constant safeguarding of individual rights.

I love how they say it was officially terminated in 1973.


Rebranded?  Sure.

Relaunched?  Ok.

Terminated?  Not on your life.

Such pure evil.

It’s why I love this meme so much:

But now I want to show you something really incredible….

Let’s talk about those “voices in his head”.

Could those have been caused by MK Ultra?


Wouldn’t surprise me.

But could they also be “beamed” right in there?


You have to see this…..

This professor bounces sound waves carrying music that can not be heard out loud but can be heard inside your head.

This experiment was carried out at a college and I believe he played a Eagle’s song.

Look at the student’s reactions.

If a college professor can do this with a few hundred dollars, don’t tell me our government isn’t capable of activating mentally broken people to carry out heinous acts.

“Voice of God” ring a bell?

That bold part is especially correct….

If a college professor can do this with virtually no budget, and you see how stunned the class is, what could our Government’s skunkworks department do?


So when you read stories about someone “hearing voices in their head”…..ask yourself if they’ve been MK Ultra’d or whether someone BEAMED the voice right in there….or both!


At Least 22 Dead And Many More Injured In Maine Shooting – Manhunt Underway

The town of Lewiston, Maine, has experienced a tragedy today.

A shooter moved his way between multiple locations, killing at least 22 and leaving 30 people injured.

Lewiston police are undergoing a manhunt to find the shooter, identified as Robert Card.

The Central Maine Medical Center is dealing with the dozens of injured people.

The folks at Fox News have more on the story:

At 8 p.m., the Maine State Police said, in a Facebook post, that there is an active shooting situation in Lewiston, a city of 36,000, 35 miles north of Portland.

A local hospital, the Central Maine Medical Center, said that they are reacting to a “mass casualty, mass shooter event.”

As of 9 p.m., the hospital said that they cannot share the specifics on the number of casualties.

“Central Maine Healthcare is coordinating with area hospitals to take in patients,” the hospital said.

Like any major tragedy in this country, people have turned to social media to push their beliefs.

With some coming out trying to push for gun control:

While others are worried that the tragedy will be used to push gun legislation:

CNN shares more on the developing story:

The Lewiston Police Department has identified Robert Card as a person of interest in the two shootings in Lewiston.

Card is 40 years old and should be “considered armed and dangerous,” according a Facebook post from the Lewiston Police Department.

Law enforcement officials in Maine describe Card as a certified firearms instructor and a member of the US Army Reserves.

My prayers go out to everyone injured by this horrible tragedy, the individuals who lost their lives, and the friends and families who lost loved ones.

This story is still developing.

We will continue to inform you on any new information that comes our way.


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