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BREAKING: Mike Johnson Wins Speakership! Here’s What We Know About Him….

Big news just broke….

Rep. Mike Johnson has just officially won and been voted in as Speaker of the House:

D.C. Draino supports him and so does President Trump….and those are two strong votes in my book:

But if you don’t follow D.C. politics all day long, you may not know much about him.

The good news?

The more you see, the more you’re really going to like him!

So allow me to introduce to you Rep. Mike Johnson.

Who is he?

Well, RINO honk Bill Kristol (the less funny Billy Crystal) gives him an “F” on Ukraine.

Which as DC Draino points out is an A+ in our book (meaning he has historically not been in favor of funding Ukraine):

Bravo sir!

That is priority #1, keep that up!



Fund the people of Maui!

Fund the homeless in our Country!

Fix America First!

We also know this about him….reportedly he called for a prayer session:

We also know he famously went after prior Speaker Nancy Pelosi for ripping up President Trump’s SOTU speech.

Watch this old clip:

And here:

Simon also gives a great recap of who Mike Johnson is:

BREAKING: Rep. Mike Johnson (
) of Louisiana has the votes needed to become Speaker. He is expected to be elected Speaker shortly.

A little bit about him

1- He is an attorney with a focus on Constitutional law who worked with religious groups

2- He worked as a college professor and conservative talk show host

3- He served in the Louisiana House from 2015 and 2017

4- He was elected to represent Louisiana’s 4th District in 2016

5- He is the Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference

6- Former Chair of the Republican Study Committee Conference

7- Served on Trump’s first Senate impeachment trial defense team

8- Drafted House GOP legal brief supporting Texas suit

9- Objected to certification of Biden’s election results

10- He sponsored more bills that passed than the average Republican House member

11- He voted to raise the debt ceiling but not to avoid a government shutdown

12- He’s now asking for a possible continuing resolution to keep the government open.

13- He also has broad GOP support on the House

14- He is not, however, very good at fundraising.

On the downside?

My friend Pepe Deluxe found this old post from Rep. Johnson from 2022:

My take?

I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt, first because that is old and a lot of people were hoodwinked early on by the Ukrainian “actor”.

But also because his record on Ukraine since then looks pretty good.

So Memo to Speaker Johnson: we got you in, don’t mess it up!


We’ll vacate your chair too if you start sending our hard-earned tax dollars over to those freaks!



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