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Biden: “I’m not introducing me, Mark is. I forgot.”

This would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad.

Is this Elder Abuse?

Shame on his family for allowing this to keep happening.

That is….unless it’s just some actor wearing a mask?

Whatever it is, this is beyond weird and evidence of severe mental decline.

Hard to rank all of Biden’s gaffes, but this has to go near the top of the list.

Watch as Mark looks so confused and

Now, while it is hard to rank all of his gaffes, I have to put “Merfin and Ruthers” near the top of my favorites list:

FLASHBACK: Biden Stumbles Through Another Speech, Refers To “Merfin and Ruthers”

“Finkle and Einhorn, Einhorn and Finkle… it together….somehow!”

Ah, the great duos of all time.




…..Merfin and Ruthers…..?

Yeah, I don’t know who they are either, but Joe Biden today in a long, mumbling, meandering “speech” claimed he was “as determined as Merfin and Ruthers” to get something done.

Oh my.

Watch here and see if you can figure it out:

Yeah, I don’t know.

There does not appear to be anyone even remotely close to the names of Merfin or Ruthers anywhere on Biden’s (fake) cabinet.

The best anyone has come up with is that “Merfin” was a reference to Merrick Garland, which I guess in Biden-speak is kind of close.

Someone then posted the subtitles to clear up the confusion:

Oh my goodness, I can’t stop laughing!

It only got better from there….

Reading some of the replies, these were my favorite.

Merfin and Ruthers?  One guy thinks they played for the 85 Bears:

This next one seems appropriate in light of Prince Philip’s long-awaited death:

And kudos to BevJoy for correcting the record on this one:

You can watch the full video here if you want more “context”:


Joe Biden: “God Save The Queen, Man”

This guy never fails to outdo himself.

Oh, not in doing good for the Country.

Not in helping Americans.

No, he never fails out outdo himself in complete foolishness and gibberish.

Here’s the latest, which is instantly one of my favorites in a weird and twisted way.

This goes right to the top of the list with Merfin and Ruthers.

So here is Biden at the end of his speech today where he suddenly and without any context says: “God save the Queen man!”

Then he does his typical confused walk off stage, never sure which way he needs to go.

It’s an absolute embarrassment to the United States and a sign of pure weakness to our enemies.

And trust me, they are watching.

So are we…

Take a look:

Joe, a couple problems if I may humbly say so….

First, the Queen is dead.

Second, you’re allegedly the President of the United States, not England.

Third, while there may technically be a Queen now I think (I’m not really sure because I don’t really care about the British Monarchy)…it’s actually King Charles now.

What a doofus.

Now, in the interest of fairness, let’s play out a little more context from the clip, shall we?

Because this guy Ryan Shead seems to thing more context in the clip makes Biden look better.

I think he looks even worse.

You decide:

Also, did I catch Joe Biden saying A Storm Is Upon Us?

You can’t make this stuff up folks.


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