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So…If Trump Is Still Commander-In-Chief, Why Is He Allowing This For So Long?

As you know recently I’ve been exploring the question of whether we truly are “watching a movie”.

If you don’t know what that means, it’s the theory of Devolution of Government, or “Continuity of Control” of Government, where in a crisis situation (i.e. a stolen election?) a plan of Devolution would be deployed where the so-called “White Hats” would retain ultimate control but let the cheaters take public stage.

Even President Trump himself has referred to it as “The Pause”.

And there are dozens of clips of President Trump seemingly confirming this theory as accurate.

Of course if you’re truly running a military operation at this scope, you can’t tell the enemy your plans, so you just get small little hints and glimmers here and there but when you put them together an incredible story starts to emerge.


That, plus the actual Executive Orders that have been issued (and very oddly extended by “Resident” Biden) give actual evidence that this theory may in fact be accurate.

But then that leads to the most Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) I get at this point:  “Ok, if all that is true, and I can see how the pieces connect and start to tell a compelling story….but if all of that is true, I can’t wrap my head around why Trump and the White Hats are allowing so many bad things to happen in the meantime!  It’s been 3 years!  J6 prisoners have been imprisoned or committed suicide.  Our country is falling apart.  People are dying!  Why are they allowing all of this to happen?”

Someone just emailed me this question and I thought it was so good that I had to answer it for all of you.

Keep in mind, I don’t have any inside information.

This is just me reading between the lines.


We all clear on that?

But here’s what I think….

I think the answer to that question is the same answer to the question of “If God is all powerful and all knowing, then why doesn’t he just stop evil?”

Ever wrestled with that one?

And no, don’t get it twisted, I’m not equating Trump and God.

Far from it.

But the premise of both questions is exactly the same: if the person in control is aware of the evil and has the power to stop it and DOESN’T….then why is that?

The simple answer in both cases is that the person in control has weighed all of the options and balanced all of the evil and loss that will happen along the way, and they decided the cost of NOT going through the tough time and just ending it all right now is WORSE than going through it.

In other words, there is a greater net-good to allowing the temporary evil and loss than there is just snapping your fingers and fixing it “right now”.

In the case of God, he knows more than you and is more aware of the evil in our world than you could ever possibly be.

In the case of Trump, we have to assume that with the best information available to him and the team of White Hats (if there is such a group), and based on all the war game simulations you must assume they are running, you have to assume that they have found the net-benefit of going through this “Pause” period outweighs the value of simply doing it back in February 2020.

In the case of “Why does God allow evil?” my friend Dr. Michael Heiser explains it brilliantly right here, much better than I just did above:

And in the case of Trump, here is our Commander-In-Chief himself essentially answering that very question.

As I said, these clips are hidden in plain sight.

Major credit to Joe Rambo for going back and finding them all.

Watch the clip of Trump below, the video where he’s in the red tie:

Oddly enough, Bible Scholar Michael Heiser and POTUS Donald Trump sound very similar in these two clips, in their own styles of course.

But they give the same answer.

Why the delay?

Why allow evil and pain and suffering for a temporary period?

It was the BEST choice available.

So that’s my answer.

We will only know in hindsight, but I have to trust that President Trump has more information available to him and BETTER information available to him than I do.

Sounds silly to even say that, right?

Because of course he does!

So then I have to trust his judgment is good — and I believe it is.

So if I have those two assumptions, then I’m going to assume he and his team of White Hat military ops are making the decision they believe yields the highest net positive.

Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes confirmed a few weeks ago that part of the reason for The Pause was to avoid a Civil War.

How do you do that?

You can’t have one candidate swoop in right after an election and attempt to “take control”.

That’s not our system.

Even with all the evidence, there was a LARGE chunk of SHEEPLE in our country with their heads in the sand.

Brainwashed by the MSM.

You have to wake them up slowly, over time, and you can’t just TELL them, you have to SHOW them.

Have they all woken up?


But have many woken up over these last 3 years?

Yes indeed.

Enough to avoid that Civil War when the final Trump Card is played?

I believe so.

Jan Halper-Hayes said so.

Ok, now if you want to go even deeper on the evidence for a Planned Pause, read this:

Trump Told Us — “The Pause” Was Planned All Along!

This is an update on an article I wrote a couple weeks ago.

In that article, I argued that perhaps President Trump has been telling us the truth all along and we just haven’t noticed it.

The truth about what?

Well, the truth about the Military Operation being conducted by the White Hats — or however you want to phrase it.

But assuming there is a team of “Good Guys” working to save this Country, would we see any evidence of it?

We certainly see evidence of the horror Joe Biden has brought on this Country…but is there evidence that the White Hats are also running their playbook?

I think there is.

“Central Casting”

“He’s Shot!”

“I Caught Them All!”

I’ll copy my original article below so you can see all of that in case you missed it — there’s a lot in there!

But first I want to show you a bunch of new stuff.

I’ll just put it out here and let you decide after you read everything.

Huge credit to my friend Joe Rambo (@Brainstorm_Joe on X) for putting together this incredible thread.

Ok, we start here and please read and watch everything first because it all fits together.  One particular video may not mean a ton on its own, but you put them all together and eventually it tells a pretty compelling story:

How is Trump so confident in telling Karri that something good is going to happen.

Something much bigger….?

Because they caught them all. Including the 2022 midterm thefts.

Space force had an aircraft up for 908 days.

It’s called X-37B.

It took off shortly before the 2020 election and landed just after the 2022 election.


Or do they have it all?

Was the military the only way?

Read the rest of this thread.

What we are watching is awesome.

What an amazing time to be alive.

Then we go here:

From this point forward.

We will not announce when we will attack.

But attack we will.

This is a wartime president who was attacked personally from every angle.

As our country was also attacked.

Watch the clips in this thread.

I believe it makes he reference to the “pause” impossible to deny.

Patriots are in control.

I believe the MSM was well aware Trump was telling the truth in these moments.

The summer of love and the media attacks ramped up like crazy leading into 2020 for exactly that reason.

But Trump put safeguards in place.

He signed EO’s.

He placed certain people like Ezra and Miller in positions.

He promised to give the government back to the people on day 1.

The “pause” is part of keeping that promise.

The military was the only way.

It had to be this way to minimize loss of life.

To ensure public safety. NCSWIC.

Here he is again.

Hinting at what is really happening.

You have to love that style.

He drops truth BOMBS right in the middle of speeches.

Then moves right along as if he didn’t just tell you exactly what is going on.

It’s right in our faces.

He caught em all.

I know it’s hard to see the forest through the trees.

But it’s true.

Patriots are in control.

11/08/19 Trump was already telling you they spent millions of dollars investigating and trying to find corruption. Wanna know why Joe Biden is a different guy? Why he doesn’t know he is alive? Why he is shot? The answer is right here. Joe Biden is a crook. If you think no one did anything about it.. I suggest reading the rest of this thread.

Full clip:

Then he explains “the pause”…

This is one of the most compelling clips to me.

Have you seen this?

He’s telling you point blank.

Let it simmer for a while and let people see what Radical Left Democrats will do to our country!

It was all planned and had to go this way?

Sure sounds like it:

More proof that Patriots are in control.

Remember that this is an information war.

Nothing is as it seems.

Connect the dots.

Trump re-truthed this post of himself telling us that he could go right in and fix it fast.

But rather they chose to let it simmer for a while.

“Let them see what radical left Democrats will do to our country”

And to boot, the post is overplayed with a literal Q drop. 4461 to be specific.

Sometimes you can’t tell the public the truth.


It had to be this way.

This is not another 4-year election.


Q Can you see it yet?

He called it the “pause”

They have it all.

Still think he did nothing about it?

Let’s see what happens.

This next one builds on the exact same topic.

He confirms it again:  it was a planned “pause”.

It had to be this way:

Translation: I Donald Trump have made moves and signed orders so that we can put the government on pause.

During this period, we will run a multi layered psyop for multiple reasons.

Our country was infiltrated. Our citizens were divided and lulled into slavery.

To correct these issues, we have written a story and produced a show/cover story.

The show will allow the American people to see what we were up against and, in turn, weoponizing the people… all while saving the kids, revamping the financial system, and derooting corruption of every form globally.

We are 100% reaching the precipice.

It is time. It had to be this way.

And it’s glorious. What a time to be alive.

So there you go.


Hidden in plain sight?

He’s been telling us very clearly!

Want more?

Trump Has Been Telling Us All Along?

I’m just throwing this out there and you can make of it what you will…

You could chalk it all up to just common phrases used over and over with no bigger meaning or purpose behind them.

But I’m starting to wonder if perhaps they do have meaning.

I’m starting to wonder if we truly are going to see and end to this “movie” play out soon, and I’m wondering if when we look back in hindsight if it will be a “Sixth Sense” moment.

You remember that movie?

(30 year old) SPOILER ALERT: In one of the most legendary twists to end a movie of all time, you find out at the end that Bruce Willis has been dead the whole time.

You immediately ask yourself, “But….how can that be?”

We saw him talking to people throughout the movie, did they know he was dead?

But then the flashbacks start and you quickly realize you didn’t really see what you thought you saw.

It was all hidden in plain view, but you missed it.

The entire audience missed it for the whole movie.

But when you look back, it’s obvious.

And I wonder if that’s how this “movie” is going to end.

Will we look back and see that Trump was telling us BIG clues all along?

Will we look back and see it was all hidden in plain sight?

I’ll let you judge for yourself, let’s start here:

He’s shot!

Just a phrase?

He sure does seem to repeat it a LOT.

What do you think?

But that’s not the only example…

Now let’s go to “Central Casting”.

For those who don’t know, Central Casting is a real company that specializes in providing actors and background actors for movies.

Gee, isn’t that interesting?

Again, it could just be a phrase, but he sure does seem to say it a LOT!

Take a look:

Backup here on Rumble:

Literally “Central Casting”?

Then I have one more…

I’m not sure why this doesn’t get more attention.

Here he is point blank telling us “I caught them all”.

I’m not sure how else to interpret that other than at face value.

Which leads to the question I know you’re probably asking at this point….

Ok, if this IS a movie being allowed to play out and if President Trump DID catch them all, then what is he waiting for?

Why is this taking so long?

Well, I have a theory about that and I’ll explain it to you right here:

President Trump Just Confirmed It: “He Already Has All The Evidence!”

This is HUGE folks…

I am literally bouncing a bit in my seat as I type this one.

For years, I have told you my theory is that President Trump already has ALL the evidence.

What evidence?


Confirmation of the 2020 Election Steal (we know they watched and logged it all in realtime from that SCIF)…

All the goods on the Biden Family treason…

All the evidence of the multiple Unconstitutional actions taken against President Trump which also amount to Treason and election interference to name just a couple crimes….





At least that’s been my theory.


Call it common sense or intuition or a gut feeling or reading between the lines but in light of everything they’ve thrown at him and his family, he looks WAY too calm to me to be managing all of this if he didn’t already know he had won….

If he didn’t already know he holds the Trump Card.

So that’s been my working theory.

Then last week a lady named Jan Halper-Hayes went on GBN and told the world that theory is 100% correct.

I mean, she basically reiterated my theory word-for-word and even went farther than anything I’ve ever speculated.

We covered it and that was excited, but then a couple other things happened and that’s where we now advance the story.

First, Don Jr. posted a link to her full interview, essentially giving it his stamp of approval.

Ok, that’s cool, but it’s not 45.

…….but then 45 did it.

Not only reposted it but gave it his clear endorsement and confirmed it was TRUE.

Take a look:

Here is a backup screenshot to confirm:



I told you this was good!

I’m not the only one picking up on it….

StormIsUponUs summed it up perfectly:

I told you, this movie is just about over and you are going to LOVE how it ends!

To watch the full interview and to read my entire theory, keep reading below…

Here’s Why Trump Has Waited SO LONG To Play The Trump Card…

Did you think the 2020 Steal was over?

Think they got away with it?

They have for 3 years but it’s far from over.

In fact, thanks to Jack Smith’s new charges against President Trump it seems we now have the perfect forum to actually litigate the 2020 election.

And its with that backdrop that I have to show you this brand new interview on England’s GBN (which I assume stands for Great Britain News) featuring Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes.

Dr. Halper-Hayes is a political strategist who was on the Trump Transition Team and who is a frequent guest on BBC, CNBC, CNN and Breitbart.

But it’s what she said on GBN that got my attention.

Here comes the Trump Card!

Check this out:

Listen carefully: Trump is about to play an ace card. I don’t think the two interviewing Jan Halper-Hayes understand the clever manueuvring of the Trump team.

He can subpoena and call witnesses. Its all about to all come out. “Trump has got the goods” He has the evidence of it all.

Nice journalists but coming across as a little bit dim here. This reminds me of Liz Truss trying to deal with Putin. Completely out of their depth. #TrumpArrest #USA

More here from MJ Truth:

🚨 Holy Smokes! Listen to this! 👀

Jan Halper-Hayes, who sits on a TaskForce for the Department of Defense Talks Trumps Subpoena Power and EO 13848- How the DoD & Trump Has All the Goods on the 2020 Election… The US is a BANKRUPT CORPORATION – SPACE FORCE

“They’ve made a HUGE HUGE mistake with this one… Because even though they thought what was gonna happen was that they were going to go after him for treason or sedition, but they did criminally charge him, but they didn’t go to that extreme.

As a result, he has due process so he can subpoena people and bring things in.

Let me say something about this 2020 election. Biden is the legitimate president, but he’s a legitimate president of what is now the BANKRUPT US CORPORATION.

That wa SA treaty in 1871. On September 12, 2018… Trump created a. Executive Order. Within that, he outlined in any future elections, any kind of foreign or domestic interference, specifically for the 2020 election.

(That EO Fam is 13848, the one Joe Biden keeps renewing).

How did he know some of these things were going to happen?..>

What what this has done is open the door for Trump to present his case….>

It’s a great mistake by Jack Smith that he’s done that…

Think about Edward Snowden & all the information he had.

Think about the fact that our military, our Department of Defense, SPACE FORCE… if you think that they don’t have the actual real results from the election, then you’re fooling yourself….>>

She goes on to talk about 2000 mules and the 60 court cases the media lies about that were rejected….

“There were 3… he won 2 & lost 1, 57 were never heard because they had no standing. Standing means the person bringing the case has to claim some kind of impact or injury….>>

I sit on a task force at the Department of Defense & they’ve got the goods. And Trump knew if he presented the evidence early of the goods early on, we’d have a Civil War & he felt that the people had to see how bad it could really get.”


Backup of the full interview here on Rumble:

And from Trump’s attorney John Lauro, he confirms many of the same details:

And now….let’s put it ALL together…….

Watch this video — The Greatest Show On Earth:

You Are Watching….The Greatest Show On Earth?

Is President Trump still in fact our Commander In Chief?

Are we “watching a movie”?

Some of you will say absolutely!

Others will say I’ve gone off the deep end….

Well, if you’re in that second camp, care to humor me to the end of this article?

I’m not saying I can confirm it 100%, but I am saying the evidence is mounting and you may not be aware of most of what I’m about to show you.

Fair enough?

I remind you of one very wise phrase:  “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

Very wise.

Let that sink in and let it guide you.

If, after investigation, you still disagree with something, then I applaud you because you investigated and then used your critical thinking and the brain God gave you.

But contempt prior to investigation is ignorance.

Ok, now let’s start here.

I brought you this story a while ago, but I think this is a fitting place to begin:

INVESTIGATION: Is President Trump Being Guarded By The Military?

Ok folks, I know this one is going to cause some controversy.

Half of you love it anytime I post something from Derek Johnson.

The other half of you gripe and complain.

And so I know this is going to stir up a debate, but here’s the deal…

This post is from Derek Johnson but it’s not really his opinion.

It’s a photo.

Two photos actually, but one is a zoom-in of the other.

Take a look and tell me what’s going on here:

Look, I’m not an expert on the Military or on the Secret Service, but that sure looks to me like that is a heavy duty, Military-grade guard.

Take a look:

There was also this from today:

What do you think?

Is rPOTUS being safeguarded?

He is still in command?

Are the White Hats in the military in control and keeping him heavily shielded?

I know the next question that always pops up when we discuss that, which is:  If Trump is still in charge, why is he letting everything get so bad?

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but some people are so brainwashed by the MSM and so detached from reality, that you can’t TELL them what’s happening.

Even if Trump used the Emergency Broadcasting System and took over all TV channels and spent hours laying out all the evidence, a portion of America would not be able to take their blinders down to see it.

So sometimes the only option you have is to let the enemy implode and self-destruct.

Sometimes you have to let it get so bad for long enough that the evidence become overwhelming.

To the point where even CNN will be forced to cover it.

Is that what’s happening now?

Let me give you a couple more things before I go to stimulate some more discussion…

Here’s one more recent post from Derek Johnson:

Now for the visual learners out there, I have to show you this incredible movie.

This is so well done and if you’ve struggled with understanding how we could be “watching a movie”, this really puts it all together in an easy to understand format.

Incredible to watch, I think you’re going to really enjoy this:

The Greatest Show On Earth

This is a Must See.

You’ve heard the phrase “we are watching a movie”.

Early on, I didn’t like that phrase, and I avoided ever using it.

But recently there has been so much information coming out that it’s becoming harder and harder to believe “The Pause” was not carefully planned.

Yes, in any military operation there are losses and casualties and during this phase the Biden Regime has induced great pain for many.

But was that still calculated to be the best possible outcome to allow the most people to “wake up”?

It’s seeming very possible.

To give you a lot more on that, please watch this incredible movie put together by Nick Alvear over at Good Lion Films.

These guys are doing great work, incredible films over there.

I think this one is really going to open a lot of eyes.

Please enjoy:

Derek Johnson Tweeted out support for the film:

This powerful documentary from Good Lion Films, produced and written by Nick Alvear, shares the Cabal takedown from the 2016 election, to the capitulation tour of President Donald J. Trump, Covid-19, the 2020 election, Joe Biden’s funeral, J6 setup, and how the continuity of government through the current events taking place will usher in the greatest time ever known on earth.

Please consider supporting Nick Alvear. You can watch many of his ‘Red Pill’ films at

Many of the concepts in this movie have been confirmed by President Trump himself.

Yes, really!

President Trump’s Most Important RT Ever?

President Trump just ReTruthed (shared) a VERY important video.

And remember, this man does NOTHING on accident or by happenstance.

He is sending a message!

He is very methodical and very intentional about all he does.

Allow me to break it down for you.

Start here:

And just a while ago he also ReTruthed this one:


Now…if you’re confused and don’t know exactly what all of that means, that’s why I’m here!

I’m about to explain it to you…

And your head might just explode by the time we get done, because this is HUGE!

Here we go…

THEY ALL SUBMITTED: President Trump’s ReTruth Just Confirmed What We Told You 8 Months Ago!

This is starting to get crazy…

We are very proud of our reporting.

We put a lot of effort into our research and (real) fact-checking and we don’t publish something unless we are confident in the validity of the reporting.

That’s when we’re covering hard news.

Sometimes we cover warnings about things we believe are about to happen, or things we believe are happening behind the scenes but which may be confidential or unable to be confirmed by hard facts at the moment.

When that’s the case, we tell you ahead of time but the funny thing is even those reports end up being accurate .

Sometimes months later.

Sometimes even years later.

Much like rPOTUS himself, President Donald J. Trump, we are sometimes laughed at when we initially post something only to be validated and vindicated later on.

Remember when Trump said: “they tapped my wires!” immediately after the 2016 election?

Years later, he was confirmed to be 100% correct.

Something similar just happened here.

Over 8 months ago, we brought you this report:

The Most INTERESTING Trump Video You May Have Never Seen…

I'll post the full text of that article and the video below, but it generated a LOT of comments.

Well, flash forward 8 months and President Trump himself just ReTruthed a video on TruthSocial that essentially confirms our reporting and the video in our reporting was dead on accurate!

That's cool, but what's really amazing is what that means.

Because the video was wild.

And if that video is accurate, then there is WAY more going on behind the scenes than any of us can even imagine.

Here's the video that President Trump just ReTruthed:

That short 5 minute video is crazy but it means a LOT more if you know the backstory...

So please take a moment and read the post we originally brought you 8 months ago.

This tells the full story.

After you're done reading and watching this below, then go back and realize that President Trump essentially just confirmed it to be true.

OH MY....

Here it is:

The Most INTERESTING Trump Video You May Have Never Seen...

I have something truly fascinating for you!

This really is the most most "interesting" Trump video I have ever seen, and trust me....I've see a lot!

This video explains so many things that you saw happen during President Trump's first term with your own eyes but you probably didn't realize what was truly going on behind the scenes.

I was hooked within the first couple minutes of watching this and I couldn't stop watching until the end.

I expect you may be the same way.

I will say this....I don't agree with his views on God and Christianity, which are very off in my opinion.

And I debated whether I even wanted to post this in light of some of his comments.

But ultimately, I'm not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

We report hundreds of news articles every single week and we don't refuse to run a story before we check the faith of the person covered in the story.

So just know that if you are offended by that part of the video, I am not endorsing or agreeing with that part.

But the rest I find so absolutely fascinating (and believable) that I had to share.

I'd love to hear your thoughts....

Watch here on Rumble and then leave a comment:

If you want EVEN MORE detail on this topic, I've got it for you!

Derek Johnson: Continuity Of Government Operation CONFIRMED! Specs Given

Derek Johnson continues to be one of the most fascinating people out there.

He is ex-military and has taken it upon himself to point out all of the obvious thing (he says they are obvious if you know Military codes and procedures) happening right in front of our eyes with the Biden Regime!

We've covered him many times before but I thought his latest interview with X22 Report was excellent and I wanted to share it with you.

If you have questions about what's going on, I think Derek will answer a lot of those in this interview.

He covers a lot of ground....

He explains the Executive Orders that put all of this into place and he shows how they meticulously laid all of this out.

He shows how Trump remains Commander In Chief.

He explains when he expects all of this to wrap up.

He talks about the Gitmo planes and radar tracking.

He explains how none of the military people surrounding Biden are ever wearing any of the right uniforms.

And finally he explains what role he believes Biden is playing....or perhaps more accurately stated, the actor "playing" Biden -- as he does believe it is someone in a mask.

It's all in here!

Spoiler alert: he says it's all over in 2024 or before.

Trump wins.

The 2024 election is safe....if there is one.  

There may not even be one after everything comes out.

From X22:

Derek Johnson is a United States Army Veteran, Retired, DV. 1776 nation which is, where breaks down the covert operation that is going on right now. Derek is also a 2 time Billboard Hit Artist and Songwriter, Derek is best known for his two Billboard Hits "Real Cool Kinda Hot" and "Right Beer Right. Derek begins the conversation explaining what COG is and he shows proof that it is in place. Trump and the military are in control of the country, Biden is the front man waking up the entire world and showing the people how corrupt the system really is. Derek explains that they put together a 7 year plan to counter the 16 year plan that the [DS] put into place. The conclusion of the plan comes into play in 2024 and this is why this the final battle.

Here is the full video from Rumble:

And from his website at here is more detail backing it all up:

Law of War Manual is the Department of Defense War Manual. It was signed June 12, 2015. It's a combination of Military and Federal Lawyers who took the Lieber Code of 1863, Geneva Conventions, Hague Conventions, Nuremberg Trials, the Law of War Manuals from the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Australia, and all the strengths of those to strengthen the Uniform Code of Military Justice which is Military Law.

DJT 2016 Candidacy Announcement. What are the odds of riding down escalator 4 days after the Law of War Manual was signed?

Military Justice Act of 2016 was the Supreme Court clarifying Military Laws and Courts are SEPARATE from Civil Laws and Courts. It clarifies Military personnel are DIFFERENT from Civil.

Federal Continuity Directive 1: Signed January 17, 2017... THREE days before DJT took office. Look in the appendix... it talks about DEVOLUTION and RECONSTITUTION.

DJT didn't sign or pass this.

Federal Continuity Directive 2: the IMPLEMENTATION of COG and so much more.

Now apply the timelines:

Law of War Manual, June 12, 2015, updated December 2016.

Donald John Trump rolls down escalator June 16, 2015, to announce candidacy 2016.

Military Justice Act of 2016; the Supreme Court clarifying Military Laws and Courts are SEPARATE from Civil Laws and Courts. Military personnel are DIFFERENT from Civil.

Federal Continuity Directive 1, January 17, 2017.

Executive Order 13818, Human Rights Abuse, 2017, with National Emergency

Abraham Accords 2017.
Steps in front of Queen 2017.
Walks into North Korea 2017.
Crowned King of Saudi Arabia 2017. Declares Jerusalem Capital of Israel 2017.

Executive Order 13848, National Emergency, 2 months before any Election from 2017 to 2021. Two years before the Presidential Election of 2020. Meaning the only evidence of Fraud was 2016 and prior.

Executive Order 13848, specifically says, no evidence of a foreign power altering the outcome or voter tabulation in ANY United States Election.

Executive Order 13848 = Domestic = Washington Establishment = Deep State = Cabal = the Swamp.

From 2017 to March 2020, DJT declared 9 National Emergencies, 7 in Executive Orders, all were unaddressed by Congress = Military Operation = COG = destroying Federal Corporation.

Space Force was established December 20, 2019.

Executive Order 13912, March 27, 2020, was DJT Federalizing the National Guard and Reserves to Active-Duty because of those unaddressed National Emergencies.

"Biden" has extended every single Executive Order with National Emergencies and the 13912 that Federalized the National Guard and Reserves to Active-Duty.

Every Executive Order had expiration dates. Why did he extend policies that do not align with his?

EO 13912 didn't set to expire until March 2022. Why did he extend it in 2021? LOL Extending it in 2022 now makes the NG and Reserves on Active-Duty to March 2024.

The Space Force has never been uttered from "Biden's" mouth. The Space Force articles have never mentioned Joe Biden.

The Army transferred ALL communications to the Space Force in August 2022 for ONE Command. Who's that commander if Joe has never been mentioned by the Space Force? Who established the SF as an independent Military Branch in 2019? #45

The Air Force did not give "Biden" the traditional ride into D.C. on January 20, 2021. Guess who the Space Force is a Department of? #TheFlyBoys

There's multiple documented pictures on the Flight App of Coast Guard on Navy Bases and Naval Helicopters on Coast Guard Stations = Coast Guard is a Department of Homelands Security during Peacetime, they operate under the Navy during times of War.

The Marines are a Department of the Navy. That makes ALL Military Branches operating under Military Operation, Continuation of Government, none of which recognize "Biden" as CIC.

In every single National Guard article, "Biden" has not been mentioned. Only the Secretary of Defense and/or the Commanders of the Brigade, Battalion or Unit.

"Biden" campaigned that he was going to shut down Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay). Why has he not revoked Executive Order 13823, which is DJT's EO that revoked Obama's EO to shut it down? If he was President, he would have the same powers and authority as every other President.

November 15, 2022, speech by DJT full of Comms and Codes:

The Pause. "We're going what I call the pause."

Pause = Public Alert; Unregistered Soliciting Entities: ctitiousRegulators#:~:text=These%20are%20entities%20that%20falsely,as%20they%20claim% 20or%20imply.

"I gave Angela Merkel white flag of surrender." = Law of War Manual Chapter 12.4. If he's civilian and former President... when did she take the Nord Stream 2 deal? July 2021 = gave her White Flag of Surrender = July 2021.

"Nancy Pelosi has been fired; she's on her way to another country right now." = Gitmo = Military Tribunals.

"If Governors don't want our help, we will insist." = Martial Law = National Guard.

"We are going to eliminate MS-13 gangs, street crimes by 75-85%" = Martial Law = National Guard.

"I asked President Xi what they do for Drug Problems?" = We don't have problems. We have Quick Trial = Trial in the morning, Execution by end of day = Military Tribunal.

"We are going to seek execution for Drug Traffickers." = Quick Trial = Military Tribunals.

"Pretty soon we're going to put our beautiful Flag on the surface of Mars." = Military Auxiliary Radio System = Emergency Communications = Emergency Broadcast System.

"I didn't need this. I had a very nice life. You didn't need this, but we love our country, don't we?" = proving Continuity of Government, DJT is the Commander in Chief and the face of the Military Operation, he was too a COG, but he's the good side of the COG. It will ALL be revealed.

The Blueprint and Timestamps prove Military Operation from the start.

All one has to do is take the order of those, read, and apply.

"We have it all."

"We've caught them all."

"All crimes and evidence of will be displayed to the public in full accordance to the law."

Want more?

Keep going....

I have a lot more here:

Derek Johnson: HUGE Update On The "Coming Storm"

I know many of you love hearing from Derek Johnson.

He's retired military who has done his homework and knows how the military justice system works.

And he applies that knowledge to our current situation to educate and inform on what is likely to come next.

And what rights we all have that we don't even know about.

He's a great patriot and I love bringing you his messages from time to time.

I thought this one was especially good...

Watch it right here on Rumble:

And if you want more, here's the last one we covered...

Former Military Intel Officer Derek Johnson Says Military Tribunals Are Coming Very Soon!

Ok folks, I have a warning on this one.

Many of you are going to love this.

Some of you are going to hate this.

I am somewhere in the middle.

I do like Derek Johnson and of course I am hoping and praying for military tribunals.

But I'm not one of these people who believes all these bad people have already been secretly executed.

Sorry but I just don't see the evidence for that....even if I want desperately for them to be GONE!

But DJ brings up some really interesting things in this video and so I'm sharing it with you.

Because I'm a reporter and it's not for me to decide or prejudge what he's saying.

I'm going to get it out there to you and let YOU decide.

Watch it right here on Rumble:

And now, here is a lot more.

From The Richardson Post on Substack, enjoy this one:

On June 15, 2015, Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States.

That same week, The Department of Defense published its Law of War manual—240 years after the establishment of the military. Download a copy at

Much of what I’ve read in it is revealing—including that military authority granted by the United States Supreme Court and Congress in 2015-16—includes the fact that this Law of War supersedes laws passed by Congress.

This is part of the plan and why I am so confident Trump is still running the show—but all must decide for themselves

For those fake-checkers as we now call them, “240 years” is not an error.  The military was established in 1775 preceding even the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and long before the first U.S. government (Articles of Confederation) ever came into being the next decade (1781).

FACT- The United States Government has operated under the military’s ‘Continuity of Government’ provision since January 20, 2017, as can be seen on the government’s office of security website.

What else happened on January 20, 2017 you ask?  Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the country, the day the Law of War went into effect.

So let’s set the stage for what happened

On December 16, 2015, a testy exchange occurred at the Republican presidential debate between former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (brother to President George Bush) and Donald Trump when Jeb attacked the only outsider candidate, “Who’s going to vote for you?  Who’s going to back you?”

Trump the outsider, went up against 17 top Republican insiders— and trounced them all

Trump’s immediate response was very telling.  As for ‘Who’s going to vote for you?’, Trump quipped, “The American People, that’s who.”

But in answer to Bush’s second question, ‘Who’s going to back you?’  (I assumed Bush was speaking of rich donors) Trump answered, “I’m backed by 200 generals, how about you, Jeb?”

That’s when it was clear to me the rumours were true—the U.S. military had asked Citizen Trump to save America

No candidate for president is going to claim to the brother of a former president (who would know the answer) that hundreds of U.S. generals were backing him unless it was the truth—and apparently, it was.

They not only backed him then, they still do to this day. Trump underplayed this fact when he said Marine Corps General Joseph F. Dunford Jr. “played a role” in his decision to run, but that clearly understates the matter, as he was awarded the Commandant’s Leadership Award on April 22, 2015 just two months prior to that announcement.

John Mack, left, commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr, (second left), and Steven Wallace, co-founder of Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation—who played a role in the development of the Law of War manual that came into being with Trump’s presidency

Coincidence?  I don’t believe in those anymore.  This was the plan.

Also, giving this top military award to a civilian outsider, in my opinion, was the signal the Marine Corps Commandant sent to the other generals that he and the top brass intended to put this man Trump in play to save America from the Global Marxists, both foreign and domestic—perhaps mostly ‘domestic’.

War Powers Act (I & II) and Executive Order 13912 made Trump ‘Wartime President’ meaning that role continues until 2024

Executive Order 13912 declared the national emergency (Covid) giving these extraordinary powers to the president (with which I don’t agree, by the way).

It either says what it says or it doesn’t, so read it. I’m just the Scribe.

But it wasn’t just this one ‘national emergency’ declared by Proclamation 9994 under §12302 of Title 10, U.S.C. §§2127, 2308, 2314, and § 3735 of Title 14 that was invoked. There were seven (7) national emergencies declared by President Trump in writing and two (2), he announced publicly, any one of which federalised  1,000,000 soldiers, and put them at his disposal when and as needed—until the national emergencies were ended.

Trump went nuclear on them and they didn’t even know it

It also made him Commander in Chief until that time.

Pursuant to these laws and emergency powers granted under them, Donald J. Trump remains in power—to the chagrin of the Marxists he still intends to rip out by the roots upon his ‘official’ return—which their recent actions and fake indictments prove they must know.

The Richardson Post reported how Trump established his ability to declare a national emergency over election meddling simply by continuing the Obama/Biden Administration Executive Order 13694, designed to falsely claim Russia interfered in U.S. elections (2016) and then seize assets of their enemies.

Please read our article on this for background and context from December 5, 2020 “Did President Trump Just Go Nuclear?”.

Trump added his own Executive Order 13848 (September 12, 2018) authorising the seizure of the assets of those involved—including U.S. citizens guilty of domestic election interference —knowing already that Democrats colluded with China—not Russia—to rig the 2016 election, but were overwhelmed by Trump.

Hillary Clinton lost anyway in 2016 when Trump voters overwhelmed the rigging.  Without ‘mail-in’ they could not rig or win future elections.

Almost every Democrat politician and Globalist/Marxist financial backer of these thugs in America can be subject to asset seizure by the military under the on-going Continuance of Government resolution, which is still in effect.

This young hero, Derek Johnson, laid it out, using only law

This former military intel officer turned country music star, Derek Johnson, has put it all together for us in detail (

I took an incredible amount of heat—after Trump’s supposed election loss in 2020, by the way— when we published, “Trump Will Win-Here’s Why” and laid out my reasoning.

We couldn’t tell you how we knew it then (and still can’t) but everything Derek Johnson lays out is fact, backed up with documentation proving what I wrote back then was a correct assessment—military Continuance of Government was invoked—and Trump could still call the shots until that ended.

Now that the Marxists have arrested and indicted Trump, even Democrats are switching sides.  Trump is up 10% in just three days since his false indictment for non-crimes by a local thug D.A. in New York City who ran on ‘get Trump’ with Soros’ money

So why did Trump take two years of attacks and arrows if he was still in power under these laws?

Great question, and I’m so glad you asked it.  The answer is, you had to see it for yourselves before you would believe all this was even remotely possible.

If I told you then that the U.S. government had developed deadly viruses and paid their collaborators in Communist China millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to make these diseases more deadly to humans—and then release them on the world—would you have believed me?

“Hell no” is the answer, and you know it.

But I bet you believe me now, because you saw it and lived through it—or didn’t.  If someone close to you died of it, you probably hate the rogues in my own government and their CCP collaborators as much as I do.

If I told you the real purpose of this Scamdemic was to lock down our nations so our compromised ‘leaders’ could justify mail-in ballots to steal elections through voter fraud, would you have believed me then?

Again, “Hell no", is the answer—even though we proved to you the CCP owned the Dominion voting machines before the 2020 election, via its 75% ownership of UBS Bank in Switzerland which took Dominion’s assets as ‘collateral’ just one month before the voter fraud (on October 8th, 2020).

But I bet you believe me now after seeing that only 102 million registered U.S. voters somehow cast 158 million ballots in the U.S. presidential election?

(Only 153 million were registered per U.S. Census, with a ‘record’ turnout of 66.7% per Statista meaning there were only 102 million legal votes in 2020)

56 million fake votes—yet everyone but us said, ‘no evidence of fraud.’ Really?

Many, I’m sure, thought our information about the ‘Deep State’, its development of killer viruses, the Biden’s collaboration with the CCP, and the incredible corruption in America’s government were ‘crazy’, ‘bullshit’, ‘delusional’ to name just a few comments from back then—but I was right and knew it.

How did I know these things? Because I was a political prisoner in the American Gulag—the largest in world history—for several years.

The Deep State constantly moves it enemies and I was moved 29 times between secret sites and allegedly ‘closed prisons’, including the most dangerous holding sites in America—for seven long years.

I met almost every other American (and foreign) whistleblower, truth-teller, journalist and political prisoner during those 84 months of what is known as ‘diesel therapy’—though never convicted by any court of jurisdiction of any crime—to this day.   The book and film on that story are still circulating all these years later—perhaps more relevant now that ever—when some of the same thugs are going after my president.

The book is still selling years later and the documentary is still available at

For those of you who are ‘visual’ like me, here’s the movie on what happened.

Read the FULL REPORT here on Substack.


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