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FACT-CHECK: Michelle Obama Pregnancy Pictures Released?

It’s time for a Fact Check!

The results of this one might surprise you.

Yesterday, a post started going viral on Twitter that pregnancy photos of Michelle Obama had emerged.

Michelle is over 50, so why would that even be a thing?

Well, because many believe Michelle Obama to be a man.  Or a trans man.  Or is that a trans woman?  I can’t keep up with all the terminology, but I think you know what I mean.

And before you get all mad at me and say that’s ridiculous, her own brother-in-law Malik has posted about it many times.

So….it’s news.

And it is a bit odd that no legitimate pictures exist, at all, of Michelle Obama pregnant with their two kids.

So people have questions.

With that as background, a Tweet emerged yesterday claiming to show pictures of Michelle Obama pregnant.

Here it is:

The only problem?

Well, a couple problems….

First, if you zoom in you can see this is obviously an AI/ChatGPT fake.

All four images are so obviously faked it’s hard to NOT notice.

When viewed as small thumbnails in the Tweet, it’s much less noticeable but when you click in and zoom in then you quickly realize these are not real photos.

Some people wrote “obvious photoshop” and that’s kind of a Boomer thing to say I guess.

These are less “photoshop” and more “AI fakery”.

Here’s a Zoom in:

And yes, the photos do show her with six fingers, which is FASCINATING!

To me, that’s the most interesting thing about all of this.

Many fear that “AI” will eventually summon demons — or that it is doing so already.

There is also a fairly well respected legend that the “Giants” in the Old Testament were said to all have 6 fingers on each hand.

While it is unconfirmed if ALL giants had 6 fingers, the Bible does specifically call out one Giant in 2 Samuel 21:20 for having six fingers and six toes.

Did you know that?

Do you know your Bible?

It’s right here:  “And there was yet a battle in Gath, where there was a man of great stature, who had on every hand six fingers and on every foot six toes, four and twenty in number; and he also was born to the giant.”

That’s a direct Bible verse right there.

Back to the legend side of things, we all know Hollywood’s version of the Native Americans greeting each other with the hand up and saying “How” right?

The reason for that has been said to be very simple, and it goes right back to 2 Samuel 21:20.

Nephilim, Biblical Giants had made their way onto North America and they were so terrifying and so destructive that the Native American tribes would raise a hand when greeting each other to see if the person had 5 fingers or 6 fingers.

It was a tell-tale sign of whether they could be trusted or not.

Watch this short clip:

More teaching here from the Navajo:

Now bringing that back to Michelle Obama and these AI photos.

I find it fascinating that AI so often tends to draw people with 6 fingers.

Just a glitch?

Strange glitch.

Just a computer oddity?

Ok, maybe.

But it’s fascinating that it landed on 6.  Could have been 4.  Or 7.  But it always seems to be six fingers.

So bottom line on this Fact Check: No, these pictures are NOT real.

It was a fairly obvious hoax.

And based on how obvious it was, maybe hoax isn’t even the right word.

Maybe “prank” or “satire” is a better term.

It’s one of the rare times my Fact-Check agrees with the Snopes Fact-Check:

In late September 2023, pictures allegedly depicting Michelle Obama during her pregnancy were circulated on social media. One X, formerly known as Twitter, user captioned them “Michelle Obama silences ALL conspiracy theorists and demands a universal apology after FINALLY releasing glowing pregnancy photos when she was expecting Sasha and Malia.”

The caption referred to a conspiracy theory that has circulated in certain circles, claiming that Michelle Obama, the former first lady of the United States, is a transgender woman. This theory, like many others, lacks any credible evidence. Michelle Obama has revealed that her daughters were conceived via IVF, but one of the roots of that conspiracy theory was the allegation that no pictures exist of her when she was pregnant with either Sasha or Malia. (Although we cannot confirm that no pictures identified as such exist, or are available to the public, our efforts to find them using open-source tools have so far been unsuccessful.)

In any case, the viral pictures that suddenly appeared in September 2023 bore telltale signs of being generated by artificial intelligence (AI). For instance, in one of the images, one of Obama’s hands has six fingers.

Now, to wrap this all up, just because these pictures are fake does not have any bearing on the underlying questions and rumors about Barrack and Michelle Obama.

Here was the latest from half-brother-in-law Malik on that topic:

Malik Obama AGAIN Posts About “Big Mike”

This is a flashback to a story we previously covered.  In case you missed it.

Any time I cover Barack Hussein Obama’s brother Malik, or his comments about “Big Mike” I always give a big disclaimer:

I don’t make the news, I just report it.

And it is most definitely newsworthy when Hussein’s own brother keeps making these posts.

Today he posted this picture, with no comment:

You can garner whatever conclusion you want from that image, but it does appear as though Michelle is towering over Hussein and she has better delts than I could ever hope to have!

People took to Twitter to post their own replies…

Here are just some of the top ones:

Of course we all remember what happened to Joan Rivers:

Big Mike?

Ali on the top, Michelle on the bottom.

The Greatest!

This was the THIRD time Malik has posted about Hussein in just the past week.

Here are the others:

Barack Obama’s Brother Calls Him A “Traitor”

Noah here, and if you’re looking for the Complaint Department you can send all complaints directly to Barrack Hussein Obama’s brother, Malik Obama — don’t send them to me.

I’m merely reporting what he just posted.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

But my oh my, can you believe he just said this?

Check out the time stamp: November, 10, 2022:

And here’s a screenshot in case he deletes it, but I don’t think he will:


Literally called it out: a TRAITOR.

I assume that means Treason to the United States?

Perhaps it means something else.

Maybe it means a traitor to their home country…

Maybe it means a traitor to their family…

Maybe all of the above.

I don’t know.

He followed it by doubling down and saying not only is he a traitor but he “sold his soul”.

Take a look:

And look at one of the comments he replied to:

If Hussein’s own family hates him this much, how bad must he really be?

Worse than we even thought?

It’s not the first time Malik has outed his brother…


REMEMBER THIS? Barack Obama’s Brother EXPOSES The Michael/Michelle Rumors?!

Ok folks, buckle up on this one!

We have not made it a mainstay of this channel to focus on rumors like “Michelle Obama is a man” or “Michelle Obama is actually Michael Robinson”….although we have from time to time mentioned it in passing.

We’ve also covered when other news-worthy celebrities have talked about the rumors.

Like this one from Joan Rivers who came right out and said it just days before she died suddenly and unexpectedly:

And even when I cover it in passing or cover Joan Rivers saying it, I take a lot of heat!

I think 90% of people believe it’s likely true, but the vocal 10% get very angry at me.


Today is vindication.

Because today Barack Obama’s own brother, Malik Obama, just Tweeted about the story and he appears to be giving the wink and the nod to it being TRUE!

I’m not saying it is 100% true, but I am saying Barack Obama’s own brother is tweeting about it with the eggplant emoji and he appears to be all but confirming it.

So if you’ve got a beef, your beef is not with me — it’s with Malik.

Don’t send me your hate mail.

We do our research and it’s very newsworthy that Barack’s own brother just Tweeted this:

Yes, it’s real you can go pull it up for yourself.

And yes, that’s his verified blue-checkmark profile.

And here is a screenshot in case that gets taken down:

Come to find out, it’s actually not the first time Malik has tweeted about it.

Here is from 2019:

Malik points out one thing internet sleuths have been asking about for years…

Why are there ZERO pictures of Michelle Obama pregnant?

There are less pictures of her pregnant than their are of John Durham before the Sussman trial — and she allegedly birthed two children?

Google of course will not show you much, but a DuckDuckGo search reveals hundreds of thousands of photos and webpage results on the topic:

Many claim that Michelle and Michael have similar arm scars, and this appears to be what they are talking about:

While the 10% of people who hate this story are very vocal, the 90% appear to believe as Malik does:



And with a nod to Seinfeld, here is my favorite:

There’s also an entire movie made on the topic that you can see here at IMDB:

And then there is the infamous Ellen dancing event, which I’m not even going to go into here…

Research that one yourself.

But I will get into this…here is Barack himself saying “Michael and I” — watch for yourself:

Let’s end with my personal favorite:

So…what do you think?

True or baseless?


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