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WORLD CHANGING EVENT Incoming — Updated With New Info

I originally brought you this story last week.

Today I have an update.

Last week was an interview between Dick Allgire and Clif High.

Today is Clif High on with Nino’s Corner, David Rodriguez.

This new interview covers a lot of the same information but gives a lot of new details not discussed in the last interview.

So I think you’re going to find this very interesting.

SPOILER ALERT and SAFETY WARNING:  I would stay far, far away from the Denver Airport and Cheyenne Mountain from now until about April of next year.

They explain why in the video.

Watch here on Rumble:

Backup here on YouTube until it gets deleted:

And now if you want more details, please read my original report below.

Original report:

I know many of you know Clif High.

Some of you may not.

I don’t agree with all his beliefs and world views, but two things about him you can’t really deny: (1) he’s wildly fascinating, and (2) he’s been right about a TON of things in the past and it’s that track record that makes people listen when he speaks.  Which feeds back into #1 and around and around we go!

He’s also a self-described paranoid and disappears sometimes for stretches of time.

We hadn’t heard much from him recently until just yesterday when two brand new videos popped up.

The first is Clif talking with Dick Allgire and the second is Clif talking with Man In America.

I’m going to give you both videos below but first let me summarize a bit.

As I said, I don’t agree with Clif’s world beliefs in many aspects, but his work is data driven and the data driven system he has developed seems to work fairly well.

Clif ascribes the functionality to people leaking out psychic thoughts.

I don’t know about that, but the data in the system does seem to work.

So understand that going in.

Also understand Clif is talking to Dick Allgire, who himself operates deep in the paranormal, doing what is called “Remote Viewing” where they essentially believe they can enter the spirit world and either see things across far distances or things in the future or past.

Again, not my cup of tea, but….that has also proven to be highly accurate, to the extent that our military has the most sophisticated group of these Remove Viewers working for the military and special ops.

Ok, now to the first video.

The whole thing is incredibly fascinating and scary, but the main topic is both Clif with his system and Dick Allgire with his Remote Viewers are both seeing a major event coming soon.

Likely October.

Perhaps related to the Emergency Broadcasting System test they are running on October 4 (which I have also heard may be delayed at any point up to October 14)?

From FEMA:

The national test will consist of two portions, testing WEA and EAS capabilities. Both tests are scheduled to begin at approximately 2:20 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Oct. 4.

The WEA portion of the test will be directed to all consumer cell phones. This will be the third nationwide test, but the second test to all cellular devices. The test message will display in either English or in Spanish, depending on the language settings of the wireless handset.

The EAS portion of the test will be sent to radios and televisions. This will be the seventh nationwide EAS test.

FEMA and the FCC are coordinating with EAS participants, wireless providers, emergency managers and other stakeholders in preparation for this national test to minimize confusion and to maximize the public safety value of the test.

The purpose of the Oct. 4 test is to ensure that the systems continue to be effective means of warning the public about emergencies, particularly those on the national level. In case the Oct. 4 test is postponed due to widespread severe weather or other significant events, the back-up testing date is Oct. 11.

Just like on 9/11 when they were running simulations and drills that very morning, it provides excellent cover and confusion, doesn’t it?

In any event, Clif says it will be a “World Changing Event” on the magnitude of how 9/11 changed the world.

There’s that tie in again.

And almost certainly not in a good way.

Clif speculates one possible candidate and likely candidate will be a DEW attack on the Denver Airport, which led me to post this yesterday:

There’s so much in here and you just need to let these guys explain it all.

Even if you’re like me and don’t agree with everything they say, I promise you will be fascinated by what they have to say:

Backup here on Rumble:

Now let’s go to Video #2.

This one is more of an interview style, and it covers the same topic but then a whole bunch more.

So that’s why I think this makes a good Part 2.

One of the big topics they cover is the coming Bank Crash — you know, EXACTLY like we’ve been telling you!

Watch here:

Backup here on Rumble:

Now let’s talk about the Bank Crash a bit more…

I’ve been sounding the alarm on this for a while, but it’s not just me.

Check this out:

Top Colonel: “I Think The Banks Are Going Down For 2-3 Weeks”

We take our reporting very seriously around here and I love to see when our reporting is backed up by big sources.

I’ve been shouting from the rooftops that the banking failures of April/May are not over.

That was just the start.

I’ve been saying we almost certainly see a period of time where the banks “shut down” and you can’t get your money.

Now I being you this clip from Patrick Bet-David’s podcast with Col. Douglas MacGregor who basically confirmed all of that is true.

But worse than I even expected.

I expected maybe 1-2 days of bank closures.

He thinks 2-3 weeks.

He also thinks we don’t ever hit a 2024 election.

He sees things getting so bad that we will implode before then.

I don’t think he’s wrong.

Watch here:

Very interesting that just last week I brought you this same news from Glenn Beck.

Remember this?

Keep reading to see huge confirmation that what I’ve been reporting is dead-on accurate.

And scroll down to the bottom to see what YOU can do to stay safe when if/when this crash comes:

Glenn Beck: “Monday, You Could Wake Up And The Banks Would ALL Be Closed”

Heads up folks…

I keep sounding the alarm on this because it’s big.

Really big.

And it could change your life overnight.

That’s not my words, that’s Glenn Beck, his guest Carol Roth, even NPR has confirmed.

And when do Glenn Beck and NPR agree on anything?

I’ve been warning you about this for a long time.

So has Bo Polny.

And I’m going to continue to do so.

Let’s jump right in to this latest video from Glenn Beck interviewing Carol Roth.

It’s only about 15 minutes long but you need to see it.

If the dollar falls, your life will change overnight.

And speaking of things changing overnight, Glenn says we’re at the point where literally you could wake up Monday morning and find all the banks closed.

Watch here:

I know a lot of you like when I post a written transcript so I’ve got that for you here — but then scroll down past the transcript because I have a LOT more to show you.

I’m only getting started.

I’ll connect a bunch more dots for you down below that you need to see.

It’s all coming together: the end of the SWIFT system, XRP, crypto, gold, silver, the fall of the Petrodollar, the end of the FRN, Titanic to Titan…the end of the Federal Reserve, Bretton Woods, Bretton Woods 2.0?

Everything is converging right now, a 100-year event is about to play out.

Now if you’re a little confused about why the U.S. Dollar is so important, you need to see this.

It’s the “petrodollar” and it’s the reason we have such a high standard of living here in the USA.

But when it falls?

Worse than the Great Depression — and here’s that word again: overnight.

Watch this and I think you’ll understand:

And here is NPR of all places, confirming exactly what Glenn Beck, Bo Polny, me and so many others have been telling you:

The dollar is the world’s currency: It dominates global business.

Economists call it the “global reserve currency,” a fancy title the dollar got about 80 years ago that has brought some pretty serious perks to the U.S. economy.

But could the dollar get knocked off the top spot? There are challengers emerging, and history shows that countries whose currency dominated the globe can fall from that top spot pretty fast … even over the course of a few days.

How it started: timing + muscle + lots of gold

The U.S. dollar did not luck its way into the top spot.

It was a carefully engineered plan that unfolded in the mountains of New Hampshire nearly 80 years ago. At the time the British Pound Sterling was the international currency. A title it had held for decades.

The dollar’s rise happened pretty suddenly at the Bretton Woods International Monetary Conference in 1944. Bretton Woods was a gathering of world leaders at the end of World War II. They came together to try and establish an international system for trade and finance, to help bind the world together and increase prosperity for all.

Now let’s talk solutions…

Because I can’t leave you hanging just with doom and gloom.

As always, I leave you with SOLUTIONS!

You may have noticed Glenn brought up gold.

In fact, you’ve probably been hearing a LOT about gold.

There are many credible rumors saying gold will back the new reserve currency that’s about to emerge…wouldn’t THAT be interesting!

Gold has been the ONE currency to have stood the test of time.

Literally “God’s Money” it has never gone to zero and by all accounts never will.

And the Central Banks know it.

I always say: watch what they DO, not what they SAY.

There’s a phrase on Wall Street called “talking your book”.

It’s a pretty evil thing…

Basically what it means is while you are telling the world one thing, you are secretly doing the exact opposite behind the scenes.


Because if you can make the entire market panic (retirees, workers contributing to 401ks, people trying to get ahead with investments), then you can swoop in while they’re panicking and buy on the cheap!

Vice-versa, if you can create euphoria, you can get the public to buy in at exactly the wrong time….all while you cash out.

It’s what Wall Street has been doing forever.

And history is repeating itself right now with Gold and Silver — in my opinion.

For the last year, central banks across the globe have been buying up as much gold (and often silver) as they can acquire without raising alarm bells.

Now, we see why.

The recent bank runs and ongoing collapse of the U.S. banking system was anticipated by the “elites” and the central bankers who run things behind the scenes. They saw it coming and knew the best way to protect their assets was through physical precious metals.

So…the only question is, are you going to do what they TELL YOU or do what they DO themselves?

It’s why Jim Cramer is wrong almost EVERY time on CNBC.

His job is not to give you great Financial Advice.

I sure hope you didn’t think that.

No, his job is to “talk the books” for Wall Street and get the narrative out that they want!

Even if it’s wrong — like it is over and over and over.

So, what can you do?

You can do what the Central Banks are doing…get some Gold and Silver.

Precious metals.

God’s money.

I just talked about precious metals this week with Bo Polny and now I’m bringing you a solution that you can utilize right away if you’re so inclined…

Oh and here’s the best part…it’s from a faith-driven, conservative precious metals company whose mission is to help Americans tap into the rising precious metals market through self-directed IRAs backed by physical precious metals. And while this service is not unique to Genesis, their adherence to Biblical stewardship of money makes them singularly qualified to receive a sponsored recommendation from this site.

Unlike most companies offering similar services, Genesis deals only with physical precious metals.

So important.

They do not offer “virtual” or “paper” gold or silver.

Oh, and you know who else loves these guys?


Literally Superman, Conservative Actor and the man who once played Clark Kent on ABC, Dean Cain.

Check this out:

With Genesis and their depositories, customers can see and touch the precious metals that back their retirement accounts. When it comes time to take distributions, Genesis customers can cash in some or all of their precious metals or have them delivered to their door.

Central bankers aren’t slowing down. In fact, nations like China and even U.S. states like Tennessee are quickly but quietly buying up gold to back their own treasuries. When the writing on the wall is this clear, it’s understandable why these governments are moving quickly to get ahead of any potential economic catastrophes in store.

Working with Genesis is the best way our readers can explore the physical precious metals market through self-directed IRAs. It benefits us as well when our readers work with this America-First company.

Visit or call 866-292-0443 today.

Don’t wait too long, according to Weiss we have more bank failures right around the corner.

You know what has NEVER “failed”?

Gold.  Precious metals.  Indestructible.

There’s a reason they call it “God’s money”.

Watch this for more:

Stay safe!


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