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GOP Candidate: “America Can’t Survive” a President Kamala Harris

The republican party is not exactly a cohesive unit at the moment.

The last time there appeared to be any form of unity within the party was when President Donald Trump was at the head of the table.

That said, most of the GOP still agrees on one thing:

The country is going to Hell in a handbasket under the Biden Administration.

Joe Biden is weak, corrupt, and out of his mind.

However, option two for the democrats seems almost scarier than option one…

Kamala Harris is cackling somewhere in the background awaiting her chance to take the reigns of power.

That is something that should scare everybody.

While I don’t agree with Nikki Haley on much anymore, she put it best when she said, America “can’t survive” a President Kamala Harris.

Newsmax has more on the comments from Haley, who couldn’t help but take another cheap shot at President Donald Trump along the way:

The United States “can’t survive” a President Kamala Harris, so all efforts must be taken to elect a GOP nominee who can defeat President Joe Biden — and former President Donald Trump isn’t the right candidate for the job, Nikki Haley, one of the candidates for the nomination, said on Newsmax Saturday.

Haley is dead wrong on the comments about President Trump, but she correctly pointed out that there is little to no chance Joe Biden would be the one finishing a potential second term:

“No one in their right mind thinks Joe Biden is going to serve out this next term,” said Haley. “I think he’s going to run this race because they think he can win, and I think Kamala Harris is going in, and that should send a chill up everyone’s spine.”

Biden is horrible, but most people understand that an administration led by Kamala Harris would be game over for the United States.

Democrats can’t even vouch for Harris!:

It’s not like Harris is even prepared for the job.

In Nancy Pelosi’s own words, “you don’t do that much” as the vice president.

Americans need only to open their eyes and glance towards Harris every once in a while to see what an embarrassment she is:

Oh, people are definitely scared…

They’re scared of Harris’ incompetence.

She can’t even answer simple questions…

Harris is an embarrassment and everyone knows it.



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