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Communists Revolutionaries Burn American Flag – “America was never great”

Communist revolutionaries burned an American flag outside a Jason Aldean concert.

The group decided to antagonize Aldean because of his comments against people burning the flag:

These ‘communists’ are all the same losers who work meaningless jobs and are upset that they can’t make a living wage at McDonald’s.

All they want is big daddy government to come down and give them free stuff.

Anyone with more than two brain cells can see the flawed nature of communism.

More from Fox News:

A group of communist revolutionaries burned multiple American flags outside a Jason Aldean concert in Chicago on Saturday night, according to videos of the incident.

The protesters were raising awareness of RevCom (Revolutionary Communist Party), which believes in creating a Marxist revolution in America, calling the USA “the belly of the beast.” The RevCom activists burned American flags before police “declared an unlawful assembly and said their activism ‘alarmed and disturbed others,'” according to News2Share, who captured the videos.

“The Revolutionary Communist Party… has taken on the responsibility to lead a revolution in the U.S., the belly of the imperialist beast, as its principal share of the world revolution and the ultimate aim of communism,” RevCom’s website said.

The group’s manifesto praises Mao for what it believes his use of the “scientific method” and some aspects of his Cultural Revolution.

Nothing upset me more than communists trying to spout their nonsense in America.

It’s such an embarrassing act.

More from Daily Mail:

The protesters aim to ‘raise awareness of the Revolutionary Communist Party, an organization which advocates for a Marxist revolution in America, characterizing the USA as ‘the belly of the beast.”

After the flags were burnt to cinders the protesters chanted, ‘We did it in a small town! We did it in a small town!’

‘1, 2, 3, 4, slavery, genocide, and war! 5, 6, 7, 8, America was never great!’ they chanted.

A dozen police officers urged the group to move on and one cop had to use a fire extinguisher to put out one of the burning flags.

One of the leaders of the group, Leo Pargo said the burning of the flag was simply free speech, while he defended communism.

‘The people in the United States have been lied to about communism. This protest welcomes people who may not agree with all of Revolution Club Chicago’s tenets,’ he told the Tribune.

Aldean’s gun-toting, anti-woke song was released in May and faced swift criticism after the music video premiered on July 14.

Detractors criticized the song’s lyrics and video, suggesting that they conveyed criticism of Black Lives Matter protests.

We need President Trump back to force these losers to go back to hiding.



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