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EXPOSED: Burning Man Temple and the Bohemian Grove Cremation

Let’s go deep down the rabbit trail, shall we?

Let’s talk occult rituals.

Think that crap all stopped in ancient times?

We certainly don’t have ancient religious ceremonies where we sacrifice children on the steps of Mayan Temples anymore, do we?

Maybe not that per se, but the ancient ceremonies have not stopped.

And one is happening right now.

Good old “Donald Gibson” pretty much nailed it with this one:

Call it what it is, folks — all of this crap is Baal worship, just modernized for our times.

But let’s go deeper than just a funny Tweet or meme.

What really got my attention today was all the Tweets I was reading talking about the Burning Man “Temple”.

Like this one:

Until I started researching today, I have to admit I didn’t really know much about Burning Man at all.

Didn’t ever care to.

Seemed stupid to me.

Seemed like a big drunken, drug-filled, sex-filled, orgy in the middle of the Nevada Desert where a bunch of hippies go each year for all sorts of debauchery and filth.

No thanks.

Go camp out in your filthy tents in the desert, I’ll be at the Grand Del Mar Fairmont, thank you very much!

In other words?

Not my scene.

So I never really looked into it much.

But when I started to look into it and I realized they construct and then burn a “Temple”, I was curious.

Not in the sense that I’d want to go, but journalistically curious.

This is not “just” a bunch of hippies sleeping in filthy tents in the desert — this is a religious ceremony.

You don’t need a “Temple” unless you are having a religious ceremony.

And of course this year features TWO Temples….can you guess why?

Of course: Ukraine.

Gotta have a Ukraine Temple this year.

Not just a Ukraine Temple but a “Ukraine Phoenix”.

Because….of course they do.

One of the things the occultists love the most other than the numbers 11, 33, 72 and 666 is the Phoenix.

Specifically, burning the Phoenix.

So let’s recap so far….

We have TWO Temples highlighting Ukraine and the burning Phoenix, we have a Burning Man, we have drugs, sex and filth…I mean, why WOULDN’T you stop everything you’re doing to attend?

It’s got almost everything an occultist could ever dream of!

But one thing jumped out at me as I was looking into all of this.

Suddenly, it started to look and feel a LOT like the Bohemian Grove and their equally-Satanic “Creamation of Care”.

Are you familiar with that?

I’ll cover that in just a minute but first I have to show you this…

By now, everyone knows about the massive flooding at the “festival”…but I thought Pepe Lives Matter absolutely NAILED IT with this post:

Call me a conspiracy theorist but I find it somewhat prophetic that the festival where they literally do a ritual of burning a giant statue with bizarre symbols being flooded and ruined with a subsequent rainbow appearing over the sky something worth noting. Even though this season has been a drag for many people, I suspect God is up to something great behind the scenes. Have faith.

Perfectly said!

Here is the flood:

And here is the rainbow:

I’m not truly sure which analogy is more apt:  Noah and the Flood or Sodom and Gomorrah.

You decide!

Now let’s go back to the comparison between this “Burning Man Ritual” and the “Bohemian Grove Ritual”.

Eerily similar if you ask me.

But I didn’t just “ask me”….I asked ChatGPT and here’s what it told me:

So basically — one is public and one is private but otherwise EERILY similar.

And both wildly demonic.


That’s my advice.

Here’s more on Bohemian Grove from Alex Jones when he infiltrated it:

And the full original 2-hour long footage from Jones from back in the 1990s.

A stunner if you’ve never seen it:


FACT-CHECK: Quarantine At “Burning Man” Because Of Ebola?

Is there an Ebola outbreak at “Burning Man”?

Is that the TRUE reason for the quarantine and blockade keeping people inside the Burning Man festival area with no escape permitted?

Let’s investigate…

Earlier this morning I saw “Burning Man” was Trending on Twitter together with “Ebola”, so that piqued my interest.

This seems to be one of the most popular Tweets promoting the notion that there is an Ebola outbreak at the “festival”:

It literally looks to me like Hell on Earth:

Why anyone would want to go here is beyond me.

I’ll take my house or a nice spa, thank you very much!

Some of the memes are hilarious.

This was my favorite one, from that infamous Lost In The Woods Sopranos episode:

And you gotta love Catturd:

But just because it looks horrible doesn’t mean there’s Ebola.

What we can confirm is there are several Tweets floating around claiming to be people on the ground who say they’ve been told it’s Ebola:

But there has been no ability to validate any of those posts.

Forbes has concluded the story is NOT TRUE — here is the full Fact-Check from Forbes for what that’s worth:

Festival-goers at Burning Man in the Nevada desert are currently struggling with severe mud after storms flooded the event, forcing organizers to close the only road in and out. But those dire conditions have caused a lot of misinformation to start cropping up on social media. In fact, some people claim an Ebola outbreak has started at Burning Man. But it’s simply not true.

The rumors about an Ebola outbreak started Saturday on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. X has a crowdsourced method of fact-checking misinformation on the site known as Community Notes, but none of the tweets I’ve seen so far on Saturday have received notes.

At least two accounts have shared a fake screenshot from the CDC about the fake Ebola outbreak at Burning Man, with one verified user claiming the CDC sent and deleted the tweet below. However, there’s no evidence that the CDC tweeted out anything about Ebola at Black Rock City.

X no longer verifies the identity of anyone with a blue check mark, a feature that used to help weed out misinformation on the site. But after Elon Musk bought the platform, he got rid of the legacy verification system and now allows anyone with $8 to buy a check mark.

Another X user claimed to be at Burning Man on Saturday and insisted they tested positive for Ebola. But it’s pretty clear from the responses to the tweet that they’re joking.

Other accounts have spread misinformation about a quarantine zone being set up at Burning Man. The account also falsely claimed aircraft were heading to the region as part of a blockade.

Again, there’s no evidence that anyone at Burning Man has contracted Ebola. But that doesn’t mean people at Burning Man aren’t struggling. Festival organizers have told attendees to conserve food and water, given the muddy situation. Burning Man takes place in the middle of nowhere, which means that everyone need to be self-reliant in a way that can make things challenging. There’s no simply running to the local drug store for supplies or leaving to a nearby hotel when weather is bad.

An estimated 70,000 people are stuck at Burning Man right now, with more rain expected in the region tonight. And the rain that’s happened over the past couple of days has been the kind of levels that part of the desert sees for as much as three months, according to CNN.

Stay safe out there. And don’t listen to misinformation on X. Things might be tough right now for people at Burning Man, but there aren’t any fire tornadoes and there’s no Ebola outbreak.

But there ARE reports of deaths — or at least ONE death:

From the NY Post:

A death has been reported at the site of the Burning Man music and arts festival – where thousands of attendees have been forced into “survival mode” as torrential rains turned the Nevada desert into a treacherous muddy pit, authorities said.

The death happened “during this rain event,” the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office said, according to a KNSD report late Saturday.

But further details, including the person’s identity or the apparent cause, were not immediately revealed.

“As this death is still under investigation, there is no further information available at this time,” officials said in a statement.

The counterculture festival, held at the Black Rock Desert, was closed down earlier Saturday, due to the inclement weather, brought on by the remnants of Hurricane Hilary.

More than 73,000 attendees were ordered to shelter in place, and those still on their way to the festival were told to “turn around and head home” by the federal Bureau of Land Management, the public agency which manages the land where the event is held.

However some were skeptical of the Forbes article:

Live video from the “festival”:

I found this one funny:

Of course the “therapist” would be there.

No offense to any “therapists” reading this, but MOST therapy is a huge pile of horse crap…..and MOST therapists are more messed up in the head than their patients.

Yeah, I said it.

Come at me in the comments, I don’t care.

It’s true.

I speak the truth.

MOST “therapy” is just a codependent, parasitic relationship that you actually pay a lot of money to experience.

It’s garbage.

You want to get free and healed?

Get Jesus.

There’s your truth drop for this Sunday, and no I’m not backing off it.

Now for something a bit lighter….my favorite meme of the whole day:

Go ahead and sound off in the comments below….

Bring it “therapists” and “therapy goers”.

I can’t wait to read all the comments from people who will never, ever read anything I write ever again.



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