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WATCH: New ‘Latinos For Trump’ Music Video Rockets To #6 On Apple ITunes

There’s a brand new song and music video sweeping across the Internet today, and Americans are quickly pushing it to number 1!

The name of the song is “Latinos For Trump”.

The group, Trump Latinos, with the handle @TrumpLatinos24 on X (Twitter), comes out of the Miami music scene and they are new to the national political landscape.

Music lovers are quickly pushing the song to number 1.

Right now, it sits at #6 on the Apple ITunes Top 100 list.

Take a minute right now and listen to the song – it’s so good, and the lyrics are so right.

Now let’s breakdown the ideas these musical poets put to song.

“F Joe Biden I’m Voting For Trump” is a perfect chorus.

Another line in the song that carries so much more meaning now to Trump supporters since the political witch hunt 4th indictment in Georgia and that mugshot.

“Gonna free Trumpito!”

Love it!

Truly, it’s actually not a surprise to right thinking Americans that a song like this one is topping the music charts.

Latino support of President Trump is not new.

Even the MSM reported on Trump’s very strong and growing relationship with the Latin community.

In June, NBC posted about Trump’s 1st federal arraignment, and the waiting crowd’s reaction:

Trump’s long game with Latino voters is apparent after his historic arraignment.

Former President Donald Trump’s trip to the city known as the gateway to Latin America served a purpose other than his history-making arraignment in federal court.

It also cemented his yearslong cultivation of the city’s Latino voters — even stunning residents who expressed surprise that his first post-indictment official stop was one of the city’s most iconic Latino establishments.

Supporters sang “Happy Birthday” to Trump, who turned 77 on Wednesday, as he and his team denounced his indictment as politically motivated and compared it to Latin American-style politics and “dictatorships.” He didn’t stay for a cafecito but he drew wide cheers.

The choice to turn the day of his federal indictment into a chance to court Latino voters was not surprising. No other U.S. president has dedicated so much time to Latinos in Florida, an ongoing source of frustration for Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans who have been pointing out his consistent outreach for years.

The Washington Post caught up with the ‘Latinos Love Trump’ story in July:

The day before (and after) Donald Trump was indicted on 37 federal counts, he chose to devote his time to outreach among Latino voters, giving interviews and visiting a local Miami restaurant. This is not surprising given the surge in Hispanic support he enjoyed in his 2020 reelection bid. He obviously wants to build on that support in 2024.

Can he — or another Republican candidate — do so? To answer this question, it is first necessary to understand the scale and breadth of the Hispanic shift toward the GOP in 2020. Start with Florida, where Trump won half the Hispanic vote, surging among Republican-leaning Cuban Americans and Puerto Ricans and other Hispanics.

But it wasn’t just Florida: Trump improved his performance among Hispanics by 20 points in Wisconsin, 18 points in Texas and Nevada, 12 points in Pennsylvania and Arizona and among urban Hispanics in Chicago, New York and Houston. In Chicago’s predominantly Hispanic precincts, Trump improved his raw vote by 45 percent over 2016.

Just as the African American community has opened its minds and hearts to President Trump, the huge love for Trump from Latinos has Democrats very worried.

They should be worried.

And, it’s not just the Democrats who should be worried as this smart X poster said:

The people of Sherwood Forest and Nottingham had their hero in Robin Hood.

We Americans have ours.

The Legend of Donald John Trump(ito)!





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