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New Polls Predicting Landslide Win For Trump In 2024

There’s a lot of good polling news for Americans this week.

Specifically, three different polls with a broad range of Trump-positive results.

Don’t let the MSM tell you any differently – polls show Trump wins in a “landslide.”

Conservative influencers were quick to blast out the good news, and to remind the world that this poll was taken AFTER the 4th indictment.

The McLaughlin brothers shared some very interesting details about this poll’s results with Newsmax:

After Georgia’s indictment of Donald Trump, our new national poll shows he not only beats Biden, but he would defeat the current president in an electoral landslide.

The McLaughlin national survey finds Trump leads Biden 47% to 43% — up 2 points this month alone.

Even more remarkable, with our voter model for this poll we assigned 4 more points of Biden 2020 voters than Trump 2020 voters.

This means looking to 2024 there is an 8-point turnaround in favor of Trump from the 2020 election. Biden voters are switching to Trump.

But here’s the really big news.

In the key battleground states Trump leads Biden 49% to 41%.

If the election was today, Trump would defeat Biden in an electoral landslide.

Please let us repeat the last sentence: If the election was today, Trump would defeat Biden in an electoral landslide.

From the same poll, Breitbart reported on the people’s view of “4 Trump indictments in 5 months,” and election interference by Biden:

Local officials in New York and Georgia, along with Special Counsel Jack Smith, issued four indictments against Trump in five months. Trump argues the indictments are election interference.

The poll asked respondents, “And how much of a role would you say President Joe Biden has played in the indictments of former President Donald Trump?”

Sixty percent said Biden had a role in the indictments, while just 29 percent said he had no role. Eleven percent did not know.

Among those who said Biden had a role, thirty-nine percent said it was a “major” role. Twenty-one percent said it was a minor role.

A majority of independents (55 percent) also said Biden had a role in indicting his political rival. Among independents, 31 percent said it was a major role. Twenty-four percent said it was a minor role.

Majority of the poll’s respondents believe Biden had a role in the indictments.

We agree.

Onward to the next poll from Morning Consult. This one focuses on the “Keebler Elves” Republican primary.

It has a very simple title: Tracking the 2024 Republican Primary

And, a very definitive conclusion: Trump’s lead unshaken by debate absence and mug shot

Finally, the last poll comes from the Economist/YouGov, which returns the focus to the top job matchup.

As reported by Breitbart:

Former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden in a national head-to-head matchup post-mugshot, the latest survey from the Economist/YouGov found.

The survey, taken August 26-29 among 1,500 U.S. adult citizens, asked respondents who they would vote for if the presidential election came down to Trump and Biden.

Overall, 44 percent said they would support Trump, compared to 43 percent who said Biden and seven percent who said “other.” Three percent said they were not sure, and another three percent said they would not vote.

Notably, the survey was taken after the public release of Trump’s Fulton County mugshot, which he posted on social media sites — including X, formerly known as Twitter — on August 24.

The survey was carried out only a few days following the circulation of this unforgettable image.

The left can keep trying to take down President Trump and the America First movement, but they won’t do it.

The lawfare and political prosecutions only make Trump stronger.

The people are talking to the pollsters, and they are saying one thing: This is MAGA Country!


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