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HISTORIC: Gas Reaches $7 a Gallon in Florida, $5.36 in LA; Most Expensive Prices in 2023

The ever-widening gulf between Biden’s rose-tinted vision of the American economy and the grim reality citizens face daily is reaching absurd proportions.

While the president loves to tout his “great economy,” anyone who’s filled up their tank lately would beg to differ.

Historic highs?


Astronomical prices?


Struggling households?

A big, resounding check!

The evidence is in the numbers, and they don’t lie.

Even a cursory glance at recent data from the American Automobile Association (AAA) is a clear testament to this.

As of this week, gas prices have surged again, placing the national average for regular gasoline at a whopping $3.85 a gallon.

But remember folks, we’re told it’s all peachy because, for much of last year, we grappled with prices soaring above $4 per gallon. Oh, joy!

But let’s break away from the averages for a moment and dive into the real-world impact.

Picture this: you’re in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and need a fill-up.

You pull into a Shell station, and lo and behold, the price for premium gas nearly knocks you off your feet – a staggering $6.49 a gallon.

Even unleaded gasoline – the basic option – sits at an eye-watering $4.99 per gallon.

With such exorbitant rates, how are everyday Americans supposed to commute to work, take their kids to school, or even enjoy a simple weekend drive?

Sure, there might be anomalies.

Perhaps Palm Beach Gardens is an outlier, right?

Well, the sad reality is that even if Florida’s average is a tad lower than such extremes, other states aren’t faring any better.

Just take California, where the state average for regular gasoline teeters at an astonishing $5.26 a gallon.

Inflation worries?


But more than that, it’s the eroding trust in Biden’s leadership.

When families have to think twice before turning the key in the ignition because of crippling gas prices, there’s a fundamental problem.

And no amount of White House spin can change that stark truth.

It’s high time the administration faced the facts, dropped the empty rhetoric, and got down to real solutions.

We need genuine change, not gaslighting.

Even the mainstream media is reporting on these historic prices.

Newsweek confirms:

Gas prices jumped steeply on Monday in southeast Florida, putting the price well above the national average.

The national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline jumped by 5 cents since last week, according to data from the American Automobile Association (AAA). The leap puts the average for a gallon of regular gasoline at $3.85 cents. Although gas prices are trending higher, 2023 prices are still below last year, when gas remained above $4 per gallon for much of the year.

An ongoing rise in gasoline prices could signal worsening inflation, although severe weather also can have an impact. The national average isn’t indicative of the prices at each gas station though, and some stations have priced gas at astonishingly high prices.

On Monday, a Shell station in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, had priced a gallon of premium gas at nearly $7, local news channel CBS12 reported. The gas station priced a gallon of premium gas at $6.49, well above the local average of $4.69. Even unleaded gasoline was more than a dollar higher per gallon at $4.99 than the national average.


Despite the anomaly in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida’s gas prices were average when compared to other states. AAA data revealed that the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in Florida was $3.79. The highest state average cost was in California, where a gallon of regular gasoline cost $5.26 on average.

“Trust me,” says President Biden, trying to paint a picture of a robust economy.

But when you pull into a gas station, stare at those skyrocketing prices, and feel that familiar pit in your stomach, who do you trust?

Joe’s words, or the aching void in your wallet?

For Californians, that answer is clearer than ever.

If you’re in the Golden State, filling up your tank isn’t just an errand anymore; it’s an ordeal.

AAA’s latest figures spell it out in stark, unforgiving terms: a staggering average of $5.26 per gallon for regular unleaded, a nightmarish jump of 10 cents in just a week.

But hey, they say, at least it’s not as bad as last year when prices hovered around $5.34 per gallon.

But is that genuinely the consolation we’re expected to take?

Barely scraping below last year’s highs isn’t cause for celebration; it’s a red flag.

Dig deeper into the numbers and things look even grimmer.

Los Angeles County, with its vibrant heart and pulsing roads, sees its denizens shelling out an average of $5.36 per gallon.

When everyday life becomes a luxury, we need to ask: who’s responsible?

Meanwhile, as California holds the dubious honor of leading the nation in gas prices, it isn’t alone in its suffering.

Spare a thought for Washington State, which is nipping at California’s heels with a daunting $5.05 per gallon.

KTLA in Los Angeles has more details:

According to AAA, the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded in California was $5.26 on Tuesday, up 10 cents over the past week and 37 cents over the past month. A year ago, drivers were paying $5.34 per gallon.

In Los Angeles County alone, the average price for regular unleaded was $5.36/gallon on Tuesday.

The national average was $3.85/gallon.

California, once again, has the highest gasoline prices in the nation. Washington State ($5.05/gallon) has the second-highest.

In this bleak landscape, where filling up feels like a luxury and every mile driven becomes a calculated decision, one can’t help but ponder: When President Biden proudly proclaims the economic prowess of his reign, is he living in the same America?

When families choose between gas and groceries, it’s not just an economic downturn; it’s a moral one.

And so, as you clutch that fuel nozzle and watch the dollars pile up, you’re faced with a choice: who do you believe?

Joe Biden or the grim reality reflected in your bank balance?

Shame on you, Joe, for making Americans choose.


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