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CNN Panic: “Trump is Polling Better Right Now Than At Any Point in the Entire 2020 Cycle”

Remember when the media elites told us over and over that Trump was done?


A relic of the past?

Well, in a plot twist that’s bound to give some news anchors a few more gray hairs, guess what’s dominating the headlines?

You know we’re living in curious times when even CNN can’t find a way to spin the story to fit their narrative.

The numbers are in, and they’re telling a story that might just feel like déjà vu for many of us. Trump isn’t just leading the pack; he’s setting the pace!

And, ladies and gentlemen, the general election?

Well, it seems we might just be gearing up for a 2016 sequel.

The panic buttons are definitely being pushed, and it’s not on our side!

Fox News and Quinnipiac?

Their latest polls show Trump and Biden racing neck-to-neck.

And here’s the kicker: Trump is ahead in more polls now than in the entire 2020 campaign.

If history is any guide, especially looking at Trump’s stellar performance in the swing states in both 2016 and 2020, one could argue he’s got a better shot against Biden today than ever before.

But wait, there’s more! If Biden’s current poll numbers were a product on a shelf, it’d be in the discount bin.

With record-breaking disapproval ratings and only a slight edge in favorability against Trump (who, let’s remember, has been relentlessly smeared for years), it’s clear that many Americans are having serious buyer’s remorse.

So, the next time someone tells you Trump doesn’t stand a chance, or that 2024 is a lost cause, maybe point them in the direction of this juicy tidbit.

Because the tide, it seems, is turning. And from where we’re sitting, the view looks pretty fantastic.

Take a look at this rare case of CNN admitting Trump can win the general election:

You might also expect Republicans to abandon Trump if they think he can’t beat Biden in a general election – even if they like the former president and believe he is getting a raw deal. After all, he has been indicted four times, and a majority of Americans say they definitely won’t vote for him in November 2024.

That reasoning hasn’t worked, either. Republicans by and large still say Trump is more electable than DeSantis.

Indeed, I’m not sure they’re wrong. Trump is running neck and neck with Biden in general election surveys. Fox News and Quinnipiac University have the matchup within the margin of error nationally, and Trump has been ahead of Biden in more polls this year than during the entirety of the 2020 campaign.

If we see Trump overperform in the swing states relative to his performance nationally this cycle – like he did in 2016 and 2020 – you could make the argument that he should be favored over Biden if the election were held today.

Moreover, Trump is polling no worse against Biden nationally than his Republican rivals. If anything, he’s been doing slightly better, on average, this summer.

The reason is simple: Biden’s polling is awful for an incumbent. He has one of the highest disapproval ratings on record for an incumbent at this point in his presidency: in the mid-50s, on average. Biden’s favorable rating generally runs a point or two better than Trump’s, though that isn’t saying much with the former president’s favorable rating in the high 30s, on average.

After all, the AP-NORC poll found that a majority of Americans probably or definitely would not vote for Biden in 2024 – just as was true for Trump in the same survey.

Picture this: Despite all the hurdles thrown his way, the political “witch hunts”, and the tireless efforts to derail his momentum, Trump’s standing tall and shining brighter than ever.

And if this is him under siege, can you even imagine his strength if they’d just let him be?

It’s like watching a heavyweight champ in the boxing ring, isn’t it?

No matter how many punches they throw at him, he just keeps bouncing back, stronger and more determined.

One can’t help but wonder: Is this the Deep State’s plan B? Because if beating him at the ballot box seems unlikely (and boy, does it!), then why not “trump” up some charges?

Real Clear Politics just dropped a bombshell, showing our former President towering with a whopping 40-point lead in the GOP primaries!

And, those indictments?

Over 80% of the GOP believes they’re nothing but smoke and mirrors.

As Enten pointed out, the base has spoken, and they’re not buying what the establishment is trying to sell.

Trump’s got the lion’s share of the GOP by his side, and from the looks of it, this train has no brakes!

And for those naysayers who’ve been claiming Trump’s finished, here’s a zinger: a hypothetical general election matchup between Trump and Biden shows Trump stronger than his entire 2020 run.

That’s right!

The silent majority has been watching, listening, and clearly, they can see right through the media’s ploys and the establishment’s desperation.

Mediaite has more details on Trump’s domination:

The former president continues to hold a 40 point lead over the crowded Republican primary field, according to Real Clear Politics, despite federal indictments for his handling of classified documents and his alleged attempts to overturn the election.

“The GOP base has made up its mind when it comes to these indictments,” Enten told Acosta after presenting polling that shows over 80% of the GOP disapprove of the Trump indictments. “They don’t believe that Trump should have been charged with a crime. The vast majority believe that. And the fact is, it just does not seem like there’s any changing of their minds on any of this, no matter how many indictments there are.”

“But at this particular point, it is Donald Trump against the field. He has the majority of Republicans in his camp and it doesn’t seem like there’s any stopping him at this particular point, Jim,” Enten noted.

When it came to a hypothetical general election between Trump and Biden, Enten showed that Trump is in a “stronger position” against Biden than he was in the entire 2020 election. Enten cited a poll from Quinnipiac which shows Biden and Trump statistically tied in a general election match up.

“The polling indicates that Trump is, in fact, in a stronger position at this point than he was during the entire 2020 campaign, according to the national polls. If we had state level polling, I wouldn’t even be surprised if Trump were ahead in the swing states that are most important,” the reporter concluded.

So here’s a toast to the resilience of the American spirit and to the people’s discerning eye.

No wonder President Trump is going to skip the GOP debates!

He knows he no longer needs the establishment!

Instead, it’s time to clean house and drain the swamp!


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