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Here’s What Mike Lindell Told Me Yesterday On Our Call…

If you stay in the game long enough, good things happen.

I’ve been doing this since 2015, covering the news and bringing you the stories the MSM doesn’t want you to see.

I’ve rarely taken a day off.


Because I love it.

And eventually you start to make some awesome connections and those connections start to be really fun…and fruitful!

That’s what happened yesterday when I suddenly got a phone call asking: “hey, can you jump on a call with Mike Lindell in 4 minutes?”

I imagine it’s kind of like when the White House calls and says: “I have the President of the United States on the line for you, please hold.”

What do you think I said?

Of course!

So 4 minutes later I’m suddenly chatting with Mike Lindell, which I’ve done before but it doesn’t happen too often!

And let me tell you, Mike is exactly the same on a private phone call as he is everywhere else you see him.

The man is like a tornado!

A force of energy and passion, and I absolutely love it.

But now for the most important part….

What did we talk about?

That’s what I really want to tell you about.

Because as fun as it is getting to chat with Mike on a private call, this is WAY more important.

Mike is unveiling something on August 16th that he wouldn’t even tell me about.

It’s kind of like the launch of a new iPhone…

Steve Jobs always kept that completely under wraps because he wanted the element of surprise over his competitors.

Same thing with Mike.

He’s keeping it completely under wraps because he wants the element of surprise over his enemies.

And who are his enemies?

The people who hate America and want to see it destroyed.

The people who cheat in elections.

You know EXACTLY who I’m talking about.

But I do know a few things that Mike authorized me to share with you…

#1 – this has never been done before

#2 – this will SAVE and SECURE the 2024 election

#3 – Kari Lake will be involved

#4 – you are going to want to be there (online)

#5 – this is NOT about presenting new “evidence” of a stolen election

Ok, so let’s break that down a bit…

Mike is thinking like a businessman.

A successful business man!

Because that’s what he is.

So after he presented his prior symposiums laying out all the election fraud and he saw that didn’t work, Mike went back to the drawing board.

He said “we have to come at this a different way”.

And then he had this brainstorm (that will be revealed on August 16-17).

Mike compares it to Al Capone.

Back when the Government was less corrupt and actually went after criminals, the Government had all the evidence against Al Capone….but they couldn’t get him!

Couldn’t send him to prison.


Because Capone had all the judges and prosecutors in his pocket.

Sound familiar?

It’s exactly the same as what’s happening right now, except the “Government” has switched roles.

They eventually came at it from a different angle and got Capone on tax fraud.

You probably know that story.

And that’s exactly what Mike is doing here….

Mike is coming at it from a completely different angle.

This is NOT about presenting new evidence or more evidence….

The evidence has already been gathered folks!

It’s not going anywhere because the system has been corrupted.

So Mike is launching something completely new and unexpected.

This is NOT about fixing 2020.

Yes, that still needs to happen.

And it very well may happen THROUGH this new move, but what Mike is doing now is launching a surprise Guerrilla marketing attack to SAVE and SECURE our 2024 election.

Fixing 2020 means “don’t let them steal the next one” and that’s exactly what Mike is doing.

But he needs YOU and that’s why he called me.

He knows we have 5 million readers here each month so he wanted me to make sure EACH OF YOU attend.

That’s critical to his plan that we have the absolute maximum turnout possible.

It will be online and you don’t have to travel anywhere….and….it’s completely FREE!

Mike doesn’t want anything from you other than you to attend because you will be very important to the success of the mission.

Not only is it free but Mike is going to send you a free gift after you register because it’s so important to make sure we have you confirmed.

So….can we count on you?

It’s really simple, you just need to register with your best email address and where it says Referral Code you use WLTR to tell him we sent you over!

If you do those two things, you’ll get a free give emailed right back to you, but more importantly you’ll be part of history!

Thank you in advance for supporting Mike and for making this a success!


Mike has done so much for this country!

He gave his time…

He gave his money…

He gave his influence…

He gave his reputation….

And now he’s brining it home with the final victory shot!

And he’s asking for YOUR help.

Are you in?



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