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HILARIOUS: Bill Mitchell Goes On 55 Tweet Multi-Day Meltdown…

I tried to ignore this.

Really, I tried.

And yet it kept filling up my Twitter feed.

For days…

Allow me to explain.

Apparently there is some guy named “Bill Mitchell” who appears to be a RINO Republican.

Loves DeSanctus.

HATES Trump.

Acts like the President of the Never-Trumper Fan Club.

And it seems something in his brain snapped a couple days ago when Trump held his massive Rally in South Carolina.

Because ever since that huge rally, Mitchell has sent (by my count, I may have missed some) 55 Tweets melting down over how the crowd was “not as big” as they say it was.

Fox News got it wrong.

Politico got it wrong.

Trump got it wrong.

The local sheriff got it wrong.

Everyone is wrong, except for Bill Mitchell….according to Bill Mitchell.

I debated whether or not I wanted to show you all of this and bring attention to him but it’s too funny not to share.

So behold, Bill Mitchell’s 55 Tweet (and counting) meltdown….

Donald John Trump is living rent free in this guy’s giant-sized head.

It started BEFORE the event, when he was questioning how many chairs were pre-setup:

Dude was getting his redass on WELL in advance of the Rally even happening:

Tweet 4:


Then he starts doing a bunch of stadiums as comparisons:

After the Rally he is dumbfounded so many people actually showed up:

Comparison to Notre Dame:

Back to 10,000:

Then about this time is when I first notice he starts limiting who can reply to his Tweets.


Then it starts to get really funny to me because he starts posting pictures that sure look to me like massive crowds for Trump:

Another one for Trump:

Back to obsessing over 10,000:


Then he starts focusing on 20,000:

Then 30,000 — guy is all over the map:

From 10 to 20 to 30 and now 50,000:

Then back to 75,000 again:

Not even sure what this means:

Then he thinks he really has it….

He finds one obscure picture, not even clear on what time it was taken or where it was taken, probably on the outskirts of the event, where he sees a little space in the crowd and he thinks “now I’ve got Trump!”

Hilarious Bill.

How much headspace is this taking up for you?

Must be enormous.

Then he goes back to obsessing over the 10,000:

Late on July 1 he’s up late and we get our first Tweet about 80,000:

Next morning we move into something new…

Bill clearly got some rest and had a new brainstorm as he slept…..HEAT MAPS!

Heat maps to 50,000:

More heat maps, more aerials:

He’s now used a heat map to find a picture with 555 people in it, Bill is getting high tech — although it’s unclear what this proves:

This is the point, a full day after the Rally, where Bill runs out of steam and just starts posting the same message over and over.

Adopting the brute force method of melting down:

Now we’re back to big stadiums and 50,000 size crowds:

Our first mention of a 46,000 crowd:

Then he starts taking aim at the local Sheriff:

From images we move to “sounds”:

Baseball stadiums:

Then we get, I believe, our first 60,000 stadium:

Then we get to the name calling, which is when you know for sure you’ve lost the argument.



Oh, hold tight my friends, we’ve just crossed the halfway point….

Bill is just getting warmed up!

I know it’s hard to even READ this many Tweets but Bill typed them all out himself!

Back to attacking the Sheriff:

Trump Rally from 2015:

Then we’re back at Yankee Stadium:

Then we get “where are all the cars and buses”?

Bill is going deep into the detective work now:

Where are all the cars?

Back to heat maps:

Nearly a day and a half later, even Bill is asking “why am I still talking about this?”

Back to Yankee Stadium:


Right back to Yankee Stadium:

Heat maps again:

Wow, back to Notre Dame, did not see that one coming this late in the game:

Now Retweeting himself:

Back to aerials now which hilariously show a MASSIVE crowd for Trump:

Looks huge to me:

He’s really obsessed about this photo….driving him nuts!

Oh, here we are on DAY THREE where he’s back to showing a huge aerial photo for Trump:

Back to 50,000:

Back to sample sizes of the massive aerial:

And that brings us to 55 total Tweets.

I may have missed some, it was a lot.

Is it over?

Or will Bill stretch into Day 4 of melting down over Trump?

Donald, you better start paying him rent for living so long in his head!

Memo to Bill: sorry bud, DeSanctus ain’t winning, but nice try.

Get ready for Trump47, coming to a country near you soon!


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