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Whistleblower Attorney “It Was The Size Of A Football Stadium, While The Outside Was Only About 30 Feet”

Are we dealing with trans-dimensional beings?

One attorney and whistleblower thinks so and has come forward with an account from one of his confidential sources alleging exactly that.

According to attorney Daniel Sheehan, an unnamed whistleblower who has testified before Congress about his strange encounter, came into contact with a time-space-distorting UFO during a crash retrieval operation.

The whistleblower told Sheehan that the UFO was found partially embedded in the ground and required the use of a crane and heavy machinery in order to move it.

Apparently, the heavy machinery was just too much and was breaking the craft apart; in order to avoid any more damage to the craft, the whistleblower went inside the UFO to assess the situation. …

It was then that he discovered something absolutely shocking. …

The craft, which appeared to be no more than 30 ft in diameter on the outside, was as big as a ‘football field’ on the inside. …

Disoriented, the whistleblower was then forced to exit the craft to regain a sense of equilibrium.

Other scientists, whistleblowers, and researchers have stated similar theories that corroborate the claims made by Sheehan and his source—including famed computer scientist and UFO researcher Jacques Vallee.

They believe that at least some UFOs are trans-dimensional objects that can fold and alter the very fabric of space-time—which would account for what Sheehan’s whistleblower claimed he encountered.

The Daily Mail had the exclusive scoop and the encounter as described to attorney Daniel Sheehan:

‘They tried to hook a bulldozer to it to pull it out. And it pulled out a shape like a pie slice, almost like it was part of the way it was constructed,’ Sheehan said.

‘When it came loose a couple feet, they stopped immediately. They didn’t want to destroy the integrity of the machine.

‘They had a guy go into it. He got in there, and it was as big as a football stadium. It was freaking him out and started making him feel nauseous, he was so disoriented because it was so gigantic inside.

‘It was the size of a football stadium, while the outside was only about 30 feet in diameter.’

Sheehan said that space was not the only warped dimension around the craft.

‘He staggered back out after being in there a couple of minutes, and outside it was four hours later,’ he said. ‘There was all kinds of time distortion and space distortion.’

Daniel Sheehan has been appearing at various conferences press events, and podcasts discussing the UFO/UAP topic for years.

He is also an advocate and a source for whistleblowers coming forward to share their official accounts to authorities.

How And Why’s featured this related piece that analyzes the possibility of space-time distorting technologies:

Grusch is not alone in assuming that UFOs are perhaps interdimensional or higher-dimensional entities and this theory has been well-supported by others.

The extraterrestrial hypothesis has remained the primary explanation for UFOs by many experts. However, there are many UFOlogists that have abandoned it in favor of the interdimensional hypothesis.

Paranormal researcher Brad Steiger wrote: “We are dealing with a multidimensional paraphysical phenomenon that is largely indigenous to planet Earth.”

Astronomer and UFO researcher Jacques Vallée states that UFOs and related events of a paranormal nature involve visitations from other “realities” or “dimensions.”

The idea proposes that these alternate realities exist separately yet parallel to our own.

In 1975’s The Edge of Reality, Vallée and Hynek considered the possibility of what they call “interlocking universes.”


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