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RFK Jr Bombshell: “C19 Was Clearly A Bioweapon!”

Oh boy…

This is getting crazy!

I am definitely not one of those people who says that would vote for RFK Jr. over Trump, or even that they should run on the same ticket.

But I do love a lot of what this guy is saying.

From his strong anti-vaxx stance to his anti-war-mongering stance….to now his straight up claim that C19 was a clear bioweapon!


I’m also not someone who likes to use the word “Bombshell” in articles because I feel like it gets overused so much.

I also hate the phrases “Clapped Back” and “Broke His Silence”.


But I’m using the word “Bombshell” here because it’s the only word that comes to mind.

This man is fearless and I support his boldness!

Take a look:


My friend Christopher Greene was one of the first on the story:

This bombshell was dropped today on his live Twitter Spaces:

The man is no stranger to controversy…

He also recently said point-blank that the CIA killed John F. Kennedy!

Here’s more on the Biolabs:

US-Funded Ukraine Biolabs: Now Confirmed TRUE!

Remember when it was a “conspiracy theory” to suggest there were Biolabs in Ukraine?



Except, now even CBS is admitting they are indeed real.

So how do they spin it?

Like they always do.

Oh, they’re real….but they’re not dangerous!


They’re not doing anything bad in those biolabs, just research!


They also try to play down the importance of the labs by saying they have no security and are in run-down neighborhoods.


That’s your sales pitch?

Can anyone explain to me why we’re investing U.S. taxpayer dollars to fund biolabs in Ukraine with no security in shithole neighborhoods?

That isn’t even a good story!

But watch it for yourself folks:

Backup here on Rumble:

So what about all the people that got banned from Twitter and other social media for saying it?




Do they get their accounts back?

Do they get an apology?

Libtards love “reparations”….do they get “reparations”?

Flashback to this clip when they told you there are NO biolabs in Ukraine.


Not even one:

Let’s keep walking down memory lane, shall we?

Tucker was one of the only ones telling the truth:

Tucker Confirms LIVE On FoxNews: U.S. Biolabs In Ukraine Are REAL!

It’s now confirmed folks!

Mark this down as another “wild conspiracy theory” by “crazy right wingers”….that just came true.

Seems to be happening again and again.

Even Tucker Carlson admitted on air that two days ago they thought this story was crazy and wouldn’t run it.

But now?

Now it’s been admitted by the U.S. Government so you kind of have to run it.

We’ve been all over the story for over a week.

We wrote this:

And this:

And this:

And this!

And today Tucker Carlson confirmed we were dead on.

Watch it right here on Rumble:

And if you want to know more about what’s happening in Russia and Ukraine, and who you can trust….read what I wrote two weeks ago right here.

It is turning out to be absolutely prophetic, if you can use that word.

Simply dead on:


Their Latest Ukraine Propaganda Isn’t Even Good, Let Me Explain… [FROM NOAH]

Folks, I’m almost starting to feel sorry for the “elites”.

It’s like the athlete who for years could make the shot without even trying but one day he goes out on the court and just doesn’t have it any more.

He’s doing all the things he always used to do, but the body isn’t responding anymore.

He’s done.

Washed up.

That’s what I feel like we’re witnessing with the so-called “elites”.

They’re pulling every dirty old trick out of their bag and they’re just not working anymore.

They tried to play the “False Flag” card with the Pelosi break-in over the weekend thinking it would turn the country against MAGA right before the Midterms and….nothing.

Well, not quite nothing I guess — it blew up in their faces!

Not only did they not get the result they wanted but it’s boomeranging so fast and so badly on them they look like deer in headlights.

They don’t know what to do.

And now that we have the Free Bird on Twitter, they’ve lost one of their major protections.

People stopped listening to the MSM nightly news outlets long ago, but they still had a lot of cover when they could control the narrative on Twitter.

But with that now gone, the truth is bursting out at every seam and it’s so glorious!

People are thinking for themselves…

They’re asking questions…

They’re learning it is, in fact, ok to speak up when things don’t make sense.

Speak up, speak out, and question the narrative.

And with each failure, they Left goes back to their bag of tricks thinking surely the next one will work.

But instead of displaying their old glory, they end up like Willie Mays stumbling around in the outfield, a shadow of his former self.

So…what’s the latest?

First, you start trying to get the narrative out that everyone needs “Amnesty for the Pandemic”.

That is boomeranging so bad, details here:

They know that’s a big liability and they’re trying to cover it but failing badly.

Their other liability is Ukraine.

Just wait for this ticking time bomb to explode.

They know that eventually the American people will grow tired of the open-checkbook.

Eventually, when inflation really hits and layoffs hit and people can’t buy food and water for the families, can’t heat their homes, don’t have jobs, the angry mob is going to riot….and they’re going to look to put politicians heads on sticks.

Figuratively, legally, and peacefully, of course…

So what do you do?

You go into damage control.

And you pump out a bullshit psyop propaganda story that Joe Biden was really mad at Ukraine and Zelensky over how much money we were giving him….

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Well, I guess you can.

They did make this up, hook, line and sinker.

And they’re selling it hard.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Example 4:

Fox News pushed the agenda hard:

President Biden lost his tempter and shouted at Ukrainian Preisdent Volodymyr Zelenskyy during a phone call in June, NBC News reported Monday.

The tense exchange reportedly came on June 15 when Biden called Zelenskyy to relay news that he had secured $1 billion in defense and humanitarian funding for the country. Zelenskyy reportedly did not express an ample amount of gratitude, however, and began listing more things his country needed. Biden then raised his voice, saying the American people were already being very generous, according to the report.

Zelenskyy soon released a video statement thanking the U.S. for its support. Administration officials reportedly disagreed with claims that Biden had shouted at Zelenskyy, saying instead that he had been “direct.”

The pair are said to have since improved their relationship, however, and has secured tens of billions in additional funding for Ukraine.

The report comes as continued funding for Ukraine has become less certain. Republicans in Congress have expressed skepticism of Biden’s “blank check” to Zelenskyy and the party may gain control of the branch in November.

“I think people are gonna be sitting in a recession and they’re not going to write a blank check to Ukraine,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said this month. “They just won’t do it. … It’s not a free blank check.”

McCarthy later clarified that Ukraine remains a very important issue for both him and the U.S., but “there should be no blank check on anything. We are $31 trillion in debt.”

Sorry, I call BS.


Joe wasn’t mad about sending money to Ukraine.

That was the deal all along!

How else do you think he’s supposed to launder all this money to the bad guys?

To the Soros Foundation?

To the “Global Elites”?

How else is he supposed to ship them all of our weapons and tanks?

Wake up people!

He sent absolutely as much cash and weapons as he physically could and he was happy about it!

After all….don’t forget: “10% for the big guy!”

It might be time we revisit this:

The Truth About What Is REALLY Happening In Russia/UKRAINE…

Have we reached peak insanity yet?

Stop asking, because they seem to be taking it as a challenge.

Here is the latest on why we absolutely MUST support Ukraine and what they now say we have to give up in order to do it:

So in light of that breaking news, I thought it was time to give you my opinion on what’s really going on here.

I first published this a couple months ago, so you may have seen it before or this may be the first time many of you are reading it since we always have so many new viewers here.

Here’s my take on what is REALLY going on in Russia and the Ukraine…

Does this story just “not make sense to you”?

Me either.

Why would Putin alienate himself from the entire world?

It’s suicide.

It makes no sense, not even if you’re a dictator.

You don’t do it this way.

None of it makes sense.

No, I’m not saying it’s fake.

I’m not saying there are real missiles, and real guns and real deaths.

I’m just saying I don’t buy the official MSM narrative that they keep trying to force-feed down our throats.

Do you?

Let me ask it another way…

Do you trust ANY of the people in this photo?

That photo was made by my friend Bo Polny.

Bo asks a similar question as I do: Do you trust anyone in this photo?

How about if EVERYONE in this photo were suddenly aligned behind one person and one country?

Would you trust them?

Folks, they have been lying to you for decades.

Lying to your face in the most egregious ways possible.

We just lived through six years of discovering how much they lie to us about Trump and really about everything in our world.

Are we now supposed to believe that they’re all suddenly telling the truth?

Sorry, I don’t buy it.

When I see the MSM pushing a narrative this hard, and when I see Soros and Biden and the Clintons and Kamala and Gates and Maddow and all the other people in this photo all telling us we HAVE to believe that Ukraine is good and Russia is bad, my guard goes up.

I instantly think: something is not right here.

Look, I’ve waited until now to make any comments about what I believe is happening in Russia/Ukraine.

I wanted to wait and watch and see how things developed before commenting.

But over the past week I’ve been flooded with questions from family, friends and readers asking what I believe is really happening right now in the Russia/Ukraine story.

So what do we know?

Let’s start with this: I haven’t been to either country.  I haven’t seen anything first-hand.

So I’m going to be telling you what makes sense to me and what I’ve learned (and what I hope we’ve all learned) after doing this since 2015.

Can we all agree to start with the idea that we don’t trust the MSM narrative?

I think if you start there, you’ve got about 75% of it figured out.

For weeks, all I heard was the MSM saying Putin is going to invade, Putin is going to start a war.

Yet I heard nothing from Putin himself.

It was a war declared over and over and over by the Media.  As if they wanted the war.  As if someone NEEDED the war, to either advance their agenda or to distract from other things…or perhaps all of the above.

So that’s where I start and immediately I assume that whatever I’m being told by the MSM Propaganda Machine is probably close to 180 degrees from the actual truth.

Then I move to a second but closely related question: what side is Joe Biden on?

Joe Biden is hand-in-hand with the MSM, declaring Putin the enemy of the world.

Again, my guard is up.

I’m not going to stand here and tell you Vlad Putin is a great guy.  But I don’t have to jump that far to say I don’t trust the side of Joe Biden and the MSM.

It’s possible that NEITHER side are the “good guys”, don’t forget that.

So with those two puzzle pieces figured out, I’m about 85% clear on what I believe is happening: namely, that the MSM and Biden Regime are colluding to thrust America and the world into a new world war and this is not in anyone’s best interest except for the globalist banksters.

How we doing so far?

Pretty accurate?

Ok, so now how about Russia and Ukraine…who are the “good guys”?

Again, I don’t know.

The real world is often not as black and white and much more grey.

I’m not here to condone anything Russia or the Ukraine is doing.

I think we all have a common enemy, but it’s not either of those countries, it’s the globalist banker elites.

The bad guys are this creep, Anal Schwab:

And these creeps, Gates of Hell and Soros:

Want to find the “bad guys”?

THOSE are the bad guys.

The rest is a distraction.

And no, I don’t mean the fighting and deaths are not real, I suspect they are very much real.

But a senseless distraction designed to enrich the global elite while distracting from other things such as, oh I don’t know, how about this:

Remember when these four all had kids working and making millions off energy companies in the Ukraine?

Seriously…what are the odds?

Either all of these families just have very odd and statistically unlikely ties to a random country off the shore of Russia, or perhaps…..just perhaps….Ukraine was being used for money laundering?

Are we still allowed to ask those questions?

Are we still allowed to do investigative journalism?

What are the odds folks?

Here’s a related question:  what are the odds that the whole recorded phone call that lead to Trump’s (failed) impeachment was with….do you remember?….that’s right, the President of Ukraine!

195 countries in the world and you mean to tell me it all keeps pointing back to Ukraine?

What are the odds?

Folks, I don’t know exactly what all of this means, but I do know this: I don’t trust the MSM and Biden narratives one bit and then you start seeing all of this stuff?

And don’t forget, Zelensky is a professional actor turned President.

In what world does that happen?

In other words, I think this lady put it very well:

Very well said.

I agree with almost everything she says.

How about you?

And then we have this from Wendy Rogers, who I agree with completely here too:

No, I’m not sticking up for Russia, but I do know one thing…

Banning people from social media, from bank accounts, from society is almost NEVER the right side of history.

Banning and deplatforming is something I am against almost across the board.

Yet another red flag to add to the mix.

And what about the BioLabs in the Ukraine that are reportedly being taken out?

We covered that here:

And I’ve waited until this point in the article to get into this, but now we get into the fake photos, fake videos and fake narratives.

Starting with this (fake cardboard toy guns):

It’s gotten so bad it’s being mocked mercilessly online, literally being compared to the classic N64 video game from the 1990s:

And you know that tearjerker scene being shared all week long about the soldier leaving for battle?

Yeah, another lie.

They’re not even trying anymore…

That footage is from a 2017 documentary:

You awake yet?

Need more?

Ok, here’s more fakery:

And then we get to the “Ghost of Kyiv”.

Have you heard this story yet?

The Ukrainian fighter pilot who went Maverick on TopGun and took down 12 MiGs singlehandedly?

Here’s the story they’re pushing:

Great story if true.

The only problem?

Almost all the footage surrounding it is confirmed fake.

Fake photo:

Fake video (from a video game):

The pilot and the story could still be real, but at what point do we just call BS on the whole entire thing?

Why do we cling to wanting a story like this to be true, when almost no other part of the story so far has been confirmed as reliable?

Why do we say things like this?

In other words, “I don’t care if I’m being lied to, this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.”

We’re at a powerful point in history my friends.

A point where a critical mass of people have woken up and no longer believe the propaganda they so easily pushed on us for decades.

It’s no longer working.

Keep questioning.

Keep challenging.

Keep thinking for yourself!

If we have learned ANYTHING since 2015, I hope it’s that we need to think for ourselves!

Don’t just gobble up everything the MSM tells you as truth, because it usually isn’t.

For 4+ years, we saw the MSM twist and turn every detail against Donald Trump until it no longer resembled anything close to the truth.

We saw them blatantly lie to us over and over and over.

I hope we’ve all learned they are almost certainly lying to us right now.

Here’s more on Zelensky:

And this:

Come on folks, you waking up yet?

So what IS the truth?

What do I think about Russia/Ukraine?

I don’t know all the details of the true story here, but I know what ISN’T true and I know I’m not buying what the MSM and Joe Biden are trying to sell me.

How about you?


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