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Germany Wants ME Banned!

Well, this is pretty hilarious…

It appears I have offended an entire Country!

Yes me, little old Noah….your humble correspondent!

And since it’s the Country of Germany, I take that as a badge of honor.

For real, check out this notice I just got from Twitter saying Germany has reported my Twitter account and complained about something I posted.


You mean the Country that not just once but TWICE decided to go to war against….the World….was offended by one of my Tweets?

Is this real life?

Well, take a look for yourself at what I just got in my email inbox:

And if you’re curious about which Tweet was so offensive, it was this one:

Can I suggest Quoting and Sharing that Tweet a few times?

Maybe we can reach some more Germans and really grind their gears!

Although it’s unclear what they find so offensive.

Their Supreme Ruler did bake people alive in ovens I believe, hard to see how my Tweet is worse than that. 🤷‍♂️

And don’t get me started on Angela Merkel…

By the way, why exactly do they look so similar?

Can anyone explain this?


But anyway, since we’re talking about Germany, I can’t wrap this article up without making my second Norm Macdonald reference of the day.

And when you get two Norm Macdonald references in one day, you know it’s a GOOD day.

Here is the inimitable Norm Macdonald with his priceless reflections on Germany:

If you want to see that entire routine from David Letterman’s last show, I have it for you below.

Truly one of the best 8 minutes of comedy you will ever see.

Norm said he worked on this for months because he wanted it to be perfect.

And it was.


Miss ya Norm!


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