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10 Commandments Struck Down In Texas

Sad news to share.

A new Bill that was pending in Texas to show the Ten Commandments in classrooms has been defeated.

And immediately the Far Left celebrated.

It was quite sickening actually.

I’ll show you some of those in just a minute.

First, here’s what was pending…

From the Texas Tribune:

Public schools in Texas would have to prominently display the Ten Commandments in every classroom starting next school year under a bill the Texas Senate approved Thursday.

Senate Bill 1515 by Sen. Phil King, R-Weatherford, now heads to the House for consideration.

This is the latest attempt from Texas Republicans to inject religion into public schools. In 2021, state Sen. Bryan Hughes, a Mineola Republican, authored a bill that became law requiring schools to display donated “In God We Trust” signs.

King said during a committee hearing earlier this month that the Ten Commandments are part of American heritage and it’s time to bring them back into the classroom. He said the U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way for his bill after it sided with Joe Kennedy, a high school football coach in Washington state who was fired for praying at football games. The court ruled that was praying as a private citizen, not as an employee of the district.

“[The bill] will remind students all across Texas of the importance of the fundamental foundation of America,” King said during that hearing.

The Senate also gave final passage to Senate Bill 1396, authored by Sen. Mayes Middleton, R-Galveston, which would allow public and charter schools to adopt a policy requiring every campus to set aside a time for students and employees to read the Bible or other religious texts and to pray.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said in a statement that both bills are wins for religious freedom in Texas.

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“I believe that you cannot change the culture of the country until you change the culture of mankind,” he said. “Bringing the Ten Commandments and prayer back to our public schools will enable our students to become better Texans.”

Ok, so you know the outcome…the Bill failed.

But what’s most fascinating to me is the absolute GLEE from the Far Left celebrating the defeat of the Ten Commandments.

So much irrational hatred, it’s definitely a spiritual battle.

And in my opinion, these people are on the wrong side of eternity.

Let’s start with a neutral Tweet announcing the news:

Now let’s look at some others…

GOOD NEWS!  All in caps, they post.


And I really can’t stand this guy.


Because he tries to paint himself as a “middle of the road” so rational, so average person, when in fact he’s just a hard shill for the Far Left.

Exhibit A:

Then we have this guy, celebrating how “We stopped the Ten Commandments”.

Talk about your Tweet that’s not gonna age well when you meet Jesus.

And trust me, everyone will meet Jesus, the only question is what happens to you after that point.


From CNN:

The Republican-controlled Texas State House failed to advance a controversial bill on Tuesday that would have required public schools to display the Ten Commandments in every classroom.

Senate Bill 1515 was effectively killed early Wednesday morning after House lawmakers did not meet a midnight deadline for a vote that would have advanced the bill for a third and final passage.

The bill, authored by Republican state Sen. Phil King, requires the Ten Commandments to be displayed in a “conspicuous place” in each classroom in a “size and typeface that is legible to a person with average vision from anywhere in the classroom,” CNN previously reported.

King has previously said the bill will help restore religious liberties “that were lost” and it “reminds students all across Texas of the importance of a fundamental foundation” of America.

The legislative session ends on May 29, and there is still time for legislators to use procedural tactics to bring up the bill again. But it now faces a more difficult path.

I love how they love to hide under the First Amendment when claiming you can’t have anything about God in classrooms, and then immediately forget the entire rest of the Bill of Rights entirely for everything else.

What a joke.

But I want to know what YOU think…


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