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Al Bundy Explains The Bud Light Controversy…

Can I get a “whoaaaaa Bundy?”

Perhaps nothing embodies the decline of America more than Al Bundy’s Married With Children.

But perhaps not in the way you might think.

You see, when this show first debuted on Fox back in 1987, some people lost their mind, claimed it was the end of society.


It was raunchy and rude they said!

But then a funny thing happened….

The man who once scored 4 touchdowns in a single game for Polk High became a legend that still lives on to this day.

And here’s t he secret truth about the show….

It actually displayed the BEST of America.

You know, back when Men were Men.

Back when Men liked Women.

Back when you could actually say what you wanted to say without fear of being “cancelled”.

A little thing called Free Speech!

Al Bundy embodied it all.

In fact, I would go so far as to say Al Bundy is the antithesis of our current culture today.

The anti-hero.

The hero we need today.

America needs to swing the pendulum back this direction.

This is just my opinion but we need a hell of a lot more “Al Bundys” in the world today and a hell of a lot less “Dylan Mulvaneys”.

And to that point, I found an old video from Married With Children that seems just perfect for today, don’t you think?

Watch here:

Backup here on YouTube:

The funny thing is, after all these years Al Bundy truly was the hero.

And do you remember All In The Family?

Turns out Archie Bunker was also the hero, and “Meathead” was the precursor to modern day liberal losers!

Imagine that!

And now, if that short Married With Children clip got you nostalgic, take a trip down memory lane with me and enjoy the Best of Bundy!



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