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Was Kremlin Drone Attack a U.S. Decision?

According to Summit News, former CIA intelligence officer Larry Johnson said the decision to launch a drone attack against the Kremlin was made by the United States.

Russia reported the attack as an attempted assassination of Vladimir Putin.

The presidential office of Putin reported Russia’s military defense unit downed two drones that were reportedly targeting the Kremlin.

Ukraine denied the alleged attacks.

False Flag? Two Men Spotted On Top of Kremlin During Drone Attack

There have also been questions if the drone attack was a false flag operation.

Many users on Twitter found it hard to believe the drones were from Ukraine but believed Russia staged a false flag operation to heat up the war in Ukraine.

One user in particular found it strange that two unidentified people were seen on the Kremlin’s dome just moments before the attack.

False Flag? Two Men Spotted On Top of Kremlin During Drone Attack

Johnson commented that the decision to launch the drone attack must have come from the Biden administration.

He believes the attack to be an attempt to get a response from Russia.

Summit News shared Johnson's comments:

According to Johnson, the attack must have been spearheaded by the Biden administration and the US military-industrial complex because “decisions on such attacks are made not in Kiev, but in Washington.”

“Washington should understand clearly that we know this,” Johnson told reporters.

Although the attack, which Ukraine denied it was involved in, failed to accomplish its tactical goal, it was still highly “symbolic,” according to Johnson.

“[It] didn’t cause significant damage. The psychological impact, though, there are people that disagree on this, my view is that this is going to galvanize Russia, not create fear or discontent or division. There are others who believe that by doing this, it is going to portray Russia as weak and create internal problems. I simply note that the reactions of former [Russian] President [Dmitry] Medvedev, as well as members of the Duma – they are livid, they are outraged, and calling for escalatory retaliation against Ukraine. So I think in many respects this backfired,” said the former State Department official.

He also added that the attack smacked of desperation and was an attempt to provoke Russia into a major escalation “to get the United States more deeply involved in this conflict.”

Russia has also blamed the United States for the alleged drone attack, which the U.S. called "ludicrous."

CNN noted:

The United States rejected “ludicrous” accusations from Russia that it was behind an alleged drone attack on the Kremlin as Moscow’s deputy foreign minister warned the two powers are on the precipice of an “open-armed conflict.”

Relations between the US and Russia are at their lowest point since the Cold War, but in the aftermath of Wednesday’s purported drone attack on the Kremlin – the official residence of the Russian president – Moscow has dramatically dialed up its rhetoric.

When asked by CNN if Moscow believed the US was behind the attack, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said: “Undoubtedly, such decisions, the definition of goals, the definition of means – all this is dictated to Kyiv from Washington.”

“We are well aware that decisions on such actions and such terrorist attacks are not made in Kyiv, but in Washington. And Kyiv is already executing what it is told to do,” Peskov said.

Peskov did not provide any evidence to his claims, nor additional details regarding the alleged attack, saying that information would be released later.

Earlier this week, Russia claimed Ukraine launched a drone strike targeting the Kremlin in an attempt to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling it a “planned terrorist attack.” Ukraine has strongly denied any involvement.


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