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Alex Jones Shares With Crowder Details About Tucker Carlson’s Departure From Fox

Alex Jones recently sat down with Conservative commentator Steven Crowder and explained why Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch decided to part ways with Tucker Carlson.

Jones explained that Tucker’s pushback against the Ukraine War was one of the reason why Fox took Tucker off the air.

The Host of Info Wars then shared with Crowder that Murdoch took Tucker off the air for talking too much about God with Murdoch.

Watch Alex Jones break it down here:

Info Wars broke the story:

Infowars founder Alex Jones explained on “Louder With Crowder” on Wednesday that Fox News parted ways with Tucker Carlson for a number of reasons ranging from his stance on Ukraine to his deteriorating relationship with former Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch.

“There was a composite of reasons. [Tucker] was against the war in Ukraine, he was against the open borders, he was exposing Hunter Biden, he was exposing the Central Bank Digital Currencies,” Jones told host Steven Crowder.

Crowder added “January 6th” as a possible reason before Jones shared a particularly interesting bit of information about Carlson’s relationship with the Murdoch family.

“I was told by sources very close to Tucker, that the Vanity Fair article is the closest to reality,” Jones explained. “About five weeks ago, he was in Bel-Air, a big mansion estate of Rupert Murdoch and his fiancé, who is a big fan of Tucker and has become religious and Christian because of Tucker, and she thinks he’s like a prophet.”

“Tucker has become very Christian. Before he was kind of agnostic, raised Episcopalian, wasn’t sure God was real but liked Christians and thought they were good for society. But he really still thought it was kind of silly.”

But then Jones said Tucker had an epiphany similar to Saul of Tarsus, a Pharisee who was blinded by God for persecuting Christianity and was led to Damascus in present-day Syria where Jesus’ disciple Ananias restored his sight and baptized him, which transformed Saul into a faithful Christian.

“He really knows it’s a fight for good versus evil, he’s been saying that,” Jones continued. “And Rupert Murdoch is an atheist and got really freaked out, wouldn’t talk, basically left the dinner table – he was ‘friends’ with Tucker before this – and then the next day broke up with his fiancé and said ‘go on, get outta here.’”

Here’s the Vanity Fair article Alex Jones was referring to:

A new theory has emerged. According to the source, Fox Corp. chair Rupert Murdoch removed Carlson over remarks Carlson made during a speech at the Heritage Foundation’s 50th Anniversary gala on Friday night. Carlson laced his speech with religious overtones that even Murdoch found too extreme, the source, who was briefed on Murdoch’s decision-making, said. Carlson told the Heritage audience that national politics has become a manichean battle between “good” and “evil.” Carlson said that people advocating for transgender rights and DEI programs want to destroy America and they could not be persuaded with facts. “We should say that and stop engaging in these totally fraudulent debates…I’ve tried. That doesn’t work,” he said. The answer, Carlson suggested, was prayer. “I have concluded it might be worth taking just 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to say a prayer for the future, and I hope you will,” he said. “That stuff freaks Rupert out. He doesn’t like all the spiritual talk,” the source said.

Carlson declined to comment. A spokesperson for Fox Corp. declined to comment.

Rupert Murdoch was perhaps unnerved by Carlson’s messianism because it echoed the end-times worldview of Murdoch’s ex-fiancée Ann Lesley Smith, the source said. In my May cover story, I reported that Murdoch and Smith called off their two-week engagement because Smith had told people Carlson was “a messenger from God.” Murdoch had seen Carlson and Smith discuss religion firsthand. In late March, Carlson had dinner at Murdoch’s Bel Air vineyard with Murdoch and Smith, according to the source. During dinner, Smith pulled out a bible and started reading passages from the Book of Exodus, the source said. “Rupert just sat there and stared,” the source said. A few days after the dinner, Murdoch and Smith called off the wedding. By taking Carlson off the air, Murdoch was also taking away his ex’s favorite show.



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