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Introducing…WLT Report! [From Noah]

Hey everybody!

Noah here with a big announcement.

I started covering the news in 2015, right after President Trump took that famous Golden Escalator ride.

I’m sure everyone remembers that historic day:

I knew something special was happening and I decided I needed to be a part of it.

My part was covering the news the MSM would not tell you about!

Because from Day 1, they ignored him, mocked him, refused to cover him fairly….

You remember, right?

He was one of 17 candidates and they said he had no chance to win.

Except…one by one, he started knocking off all his competitors, even the so-called Heavyweights like low-energy Jeb Bush!

Until one way, Donald J. Trump was the Republican nominee.

From that moment until now, I have tirelessly covered the news and shown you everything the MSM didn’t want you to see.

And we’re not stopping….

No way, not even close.

But I do have a huge announcement.

Since 2015 (for 8 years) we’ve used the name WLT: WeLoveTrump.

You know our logo:

But today we make a change.

Today we become the WLT Report:

So…why did we change?

And are we ditching Trump?


Nothing could be further from the truth.

To quote Jason Whitlock in his interview on Tucker Carlson last night, I am more HARDCORE MAGA right now than I ever have been!

We will never waver in our support for the only man who has taken on the entire system and stood tall.


And we always will.

But something interesting has happened.

As we’ve grown, I’ve received a ton of messages from people saying they love our reporting, they love our articles, but they are nervous to share them because of our name.

They think their friends and family will not take them seriously if they share an article with that name.

I’ve received a ton of messages ASKING me to please change the name so they can share our articles more often.

I resisted those messages for 8 years.

I was kind of pig-headed if I’m being honest.

But finally I had to admit they were right.

I mean, take my friends over at The Gateway Pundit.

They do great work, but do you think people would read and share their work as much if they were named “WeLoveReagan”?

Probably not.

So despite my personal pig-headed-ness, I had to finally admit these people were right.

So we’re making the change!

But to honor our mission, and our history and heritage, we’re keeping “WLT” in the name.

Officially it can stand for “We Love Truth” if anyone asks, but you and me know the truth….

We know what it stands for.

Kind of like a secret handshake or ordering off the Secret Menu at In-N-Out.

Anyone know what I’m talking about?

When you’re in the club, you KNOW the secret and you, me and 4 million of our closest friends all know the secret: WE LOVE TRUMP.

But now we march on in Chapter Two of our mission.

Now we march forward from 4 million readers a month to 10 and 20 million readers as we grow the WLT Report.

And we’ll do it together, just as we’ve done all along.

The name is also a subtle shoutout to my friend Sean over at SGT Report, who I think does such an incredible job.

So Sean, hat tip to you my friend!

And there you go….

We’re entering a new and exciting chapter and I’m so excited to have you here with us!

Great things are ahead, not just for our mission but most importantly for our Country.

We will win….

We will be victorious….

And we will see a brighter day for America once we get through this dark time.

Now, I want you to do one special thing before you go….very important!

I want you to Bookmark this new site so you have it in your favorites.

Go to our homepage here:

And when you’re on that homepage hit Control+D (if you’re on a PC) and Command+D (if you’re on a Mac).

That will bring up a window that will allow you to save this as a Favorite.

You should also set this as your new homepage.

As always, thank you so much for being here and being part of our Mission and our Family!

We couldn’t do it without you!

– Noah

p.s. how cool does the new site look?

Major upgrade, right?


We are already receiving great feedback on the switch…

This is not surprising since I heard a lot of this feedback ahead of time ASKING for us to make the change, but it’s so nice to see all the wonderful comments pouring in.

Thank you Kathy!

And Daniel:

And Jeremy gets it, thanks man!

And from a longtime reader and friend of the site Brock (last name and email withheld for privacy)…thank you sir!

Appreciate you!


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