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Dear Patriot, 

Hi, my name is Joel Litman. 

I’m a forensic accountant and CPA. I consult regularly with the Department of Defense at the U.S. Pentagon… the FBI… and the U.S. Marines War College. 

I’m writing you this note because my research team and I have published new research we think it’s critical for every American to see. 

In a nutshell, we think it’s important for you to see our work on: 

A Surprising July 25th Twist that Could Enable Joe Biden To Win a 2nd Term Re-election… By a Landslide. (click here to view free of charge on my website

I know… you probably think that’s not possible—but there’s a big secret you are probably missing, and today I want to share that secret with you. 

I’ve shared some of this information already, with U.S. Gov’t officials at the highest level. 

And today I’m going public with my full revelations, discoveries, and recommendations. (my full analysis and data are posted here

There’s good news here… but bad news too. 

This secret I want to share with you will likely make millions of Americans vastly wealthier. 

But the bad news is that this secret will likely bring Biden and the progressives newfound power, which could enable bigger and more intrusive government. It could push us more towards socialism than ever before. 

I believe it will soon be harder than ever to hang onto any money you make. 

I outline the entire story and my recommendations on what you should do right now, in my brand-new analysis. 

We’ve posted it on my research firm’s website, and you can access it free of charge. Click here to view... 


Joel Litman, CPA and Forensic Accountant
Founder, Altimetry Research

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