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Zuckerberg’s Meta Releases New Censorship Unit for Upcoming Elections

The company run by Mark “I-Was-Human” Zuckerberg is now creating a censorship unit for upcoming elections.

Meta, previously Facebook, claims it wants to protect the elections from ‘misinformation’.

And what do liberals use as an excuse to enforce censorship of wrongthought?

That it’s for our safety, that harm, violence and ‘potential threats’ is imminent without the censorship.

‘Our democracy’ is teetering over certain doom and destruction unless we force people to shut up! they claim.

Oh the irony of it all. Facebook crying about misinformation.

The real question we’re all asking is: “How much longer until Facebook goes out of business?”

Reclaim The Net reports:

When Facebook (Meta) wants to safeguard its “right to censor,” the company presents itself as basically just another private company out there minding its own business.

But when election campaigns get in full swing, especially in the US, but also the EU, the way Meta reacts, announcing all sorts of yet new policies and new units to deal with information related to elections, shows that it could have a massive influence on their outcome.

And while it’s repeatedly said that (mostly arbitrarily “defined”) misinformation is the scourge of democracy, there is another, this time, no doubt about it: censorship, sometimes based on such flimsy excuses as basically somebody’s subjective opinion – for example, “potential threats.”

None of this seems to be important to Meta, who have just announced how they are “preparing” for the elections in the EU this summer.

There’s a slew of news on this front: Meta will have what it calls an Elections Operations Center whose job will be identifying “potential threats.” And then real-time “mitigation” (i.e., censorship) will follow.

Oh happy news: despite all the controversies around “fact-checker,” Meta has announced it is continuing to rely on them, and even boasts about having “the largest fact-checking network of any platform.”

Then we move to the “frightening” AI – Meta has joined a “tech accord” against whatever is branded as deceptive AI content related to elections, and is “taking a responsible approach to new technologies like GenAI” – whatever “responsible” here means.

Remember just last week when Meta got a pro-‘Disinfo’ censor donor to join their board of directors?

It seems Meta really loves to censor.

It’s for our own safety, of course.


Here’s 1 of millions of examples of censorship over at Meta (that also owns Instagram):

For those who haven’t seen the clip where Zuckerberg mentions that he used to be human.

Those were the days, eh, Zuck?


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