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Biden Administration Installs ‘Roadblocks’ In Preparation Of A Trump 2024 Victory

The Biden Administration and Democrats are on full red alert as the 2024 Presidential Election draws closer.

Recent polls continue to show President Trump beating Biden in the election, causing Democrats to try and impede President Trump before he is even back in the White House.

Emerson College polls on FiveThirtyEight show President Trump by up to 3%.

Watch this clip of Biden:

Is it any wonder he is falling behind in the polls?

The Biden Administration and Democrats are fearful that once President Trump is back in office, he will fire a lot of the useless bureaucracy that they have installed.

So, they hope to make it impossible for President Trump to do so.

The folks at Fox News share more on the story:

President Biden’s administration and liberal supporters in Washington are bracing for a possible Donald Trump victory in November by installing “roadblocks” to limit the latter’s ability to fire thousands of government workers, according to a new report.

The Associated Press reported that a cabal of left-leaning experts, legal advisers and others are confident Biden will be re-elected but are urging him to prepare for the worst: another Trump presidency beginning in 2025.

“My impression is the Biden administration is taking very seriously that potential threat and is trying to do things now,” Michael Linden, former executive associate director of the White House Office of Management and Budget under Biden, told the AP. Although he added there was no “magic bullet” to stop Trump if he took office again. “Nobody should be under any illusion that there’s anything that this president can do in advance to prevent the next president from doing things that are very damaging, potentially catastrophically.”

The AP reported the “Office of Personnel Management, the federal government’s chief human resources agency, will finalize a rule by April against reclassifying tens of thousands of workers so they can be more easily fired, according to OPM spokesperson Viet Tran.” A Biden campaign spokesperson said Trump was “already telegraphing plays straight out of the authoritarian playbook — gutting the civil service of people he deems disloyal and plotting revenge on his political enemies.”

Folks online have been coming out to express how they feel about this news:

The Associated Press News shares more on the story:

Former President Donald Trump has plans to radically reshape the federal government if he returns to the White House, from promising to deport millions of immigrants in the U.S. illegally to abolishing government agencies and firing tens of thousands of workers and replacing them with loyalists.

Liberal organizations in Washington are backing President Joe Biden and say they expect Trump to lose. But they’re quietly trying to install roadblocks just in case.

A collection of activists, advocates and legal experts is promoting new federal rules to limit presidential power while urging Biden’s White House to do more to protect his accomplishments and limit Trump in a possible second term. All of that is happening with far less fanfare than plans by Trump supporters to create a conservative government-in-waiting via an effort known as “Project 2025.”

The Office of Personnel Management, the federal government’s chief human resources agency, proposed a rule against reclassifying tens of thousands of workers so they can be more easily fired. According to spokesperson Viet Tran, the office will finalize the rule in April. That means that a future administration would likely have to spend months — or even years — unwinding it if they want to try to do so.

I understand that firing so many people is unfortunate because they will lose their jobs.

However, our government can not afford to hand out thousands of jobs for useless positions.

Our government is bloated as it is.

It needs to be slimmed down.

It doesn’t matter if what President Trump intends to do is necessary; Democrats will always oppose him.


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