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FBI Raids Home Of Christian Family Over 15-Year-Old Son’s Posts In Private Group Chat

The tyranny of the FBI runs deep.

Rather than prioritizing the freedom and safety of the American people, the FBI is more focused on taking it all away.

This apparently includes terrorizing a Christian family because their 15-year-old son posted offensive political content in a private online group chat.

Jeremiah Rufini says his son fell into a rabbit hole of “extreme political content” while pursuing his interest in theology.

While helping to care for his cancer-stricken grandfather, the 15-year-old boy found his way into an online group chat that targeted teenagers with traditionalist Catholic views through use of extreme political content.

The group was being monitored by the FBI as part of a broader campaign to investigate and link Catholics with right-wing extremism.

When the boy abruptly left the social media group, the FBI somehow took that as a sign that he could be a part of a terror cell.

The FBI responded by raiding the Rufini’s home, holding them at gunpoint, and locking them in a van.

They found no evidence of any kind of terror plot.

However, the Rufinis are now left with tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees after the boy was hit with criminal charges that were later dropped.

They now fear that they will lose their home and be forced into bankruptcy.

The Gateway Pundit has the story:

“Our family has unexpectedly incurred very substantial (for us) legal expenses as the result of an aggressive investigation against our fifteen year-old son for posting offensive memes in a private group chat.

“While the investigation resulted in juvenile probation and a minor misdemeanor conviction for breach of peace, our home was raided by the FBI and we were forced to come up with thousands of dollars in non-refundable bail money and legal fees. We are a working class family that lives paycheck-to-paycheck and bankruptcy is a near certainty. It will be a struggle to keep our home without help.”

According to Rufini, the family’s challenges began when their home-schooled son was left to care for his cancer-stricken grandfather. During this period, the boy, lacking a cell phone or unrestricted internet access until then, was given a phone for communication purposes.

The boy’s interest in history and theology led him to online group chats, and he was “recruited” into chat groups “targeting teenage traditionalist Catholics with extreme political content.”

The boy was encouraged by the chat group to post explicit political content, including pictures of firearms which were legally owned by another family member.

The boy later decided to leave the chat group entirely, deciding that it was an unhealthy coping mechanism.

The FBI, who were monitoring the group, decided that the boy’s decision to abruptly leave meant that he could be attached to a terror cell planning some sort of violent act.

This led to a night that the Rufini family will not soon forget:

As described by his father, aggressive tactics deployed by the FBI escalated to a harrowing night in which the family was extracted from their home at gunpoint, handcuffed, and locked in a van. Despite extensive searches and interrogations, no evidence supporting the feared violent conspiracy surfaced.

However, this operation, based on unproven suspicions, resulted in the confiscation of firearms and the son’s hospitalization under mental health pretenses. Given his active and charitable lifestyle, Jeremiah laments the disproportionate response to his son’s misjudgment.

The FBI found no evidence of anything, and now the Rufini’s are left with major legal fees that they are struggling to pay off.

The FBI has betrayed the American people.

In fact, they’ve decided that Americans are the enemy.


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